‘Wheel of Fortune’ Host Pat Sajak Cracks Hilarious Joke About Not Letting ‘Glamor of Show Business’ Change Him

by Quentin Blount

Pat Sajak, the Wheel of Fortune show host we all know and love, took to social media on Friday morning to share a little humor with his fans.

Pat Sajak is no doubt a television icon. However, it seems before long he may try his hand out in the comedy world. Sajak wrote a hilarious tweet this morning saying that he doesn’t let the “glamor of show business” change who he is as a person.

“I’ve always been careful not to let the glamor of show business change me,” Sajak wrote on Twitter. “It’s just a job, and it doesn’t make me any different or better than anyone else. My butler still puts my pants on me one leg at a time.


The tweet has already gotten over 560 retweets and more than 9,000 likes since being posted online.

Meanwhile, Wheel of Fortune fans didn’t hold back in the reply section. Many of them sent responses to Sajak’s tweet with jokes of their own.

Rob Womack (@Rojowo) replied saying, “Good to know who to blame for your fashion choice.”

Another user, Kirk Wilson (@KirkWilson) sent a response as well, calling out Sajak for not writing his own tweets. He said, “Everyone knows you don’t do your own tweets.”

And Dr. Don (@DonYoung48) said that maybe Pat Sajak should look into being a comedian as a side job.

“Maybe you should have a side gig teaching people what real humor and sarcasm is here on Twitter! 👍🤗”

Pat Sajak Jokes About ‘Netting Over a Billion’

The Wheel of Fortune host has really been in his bag of jokes lately. In addition to his joke on Twitter this morning, he had another one going last night.

Pat Sajak took a jab at Twitter’s new “Super Follower” feature. He said he has a plan to turn it into a money-making scheme, while joking that his followers should get ready to start paying him $1,000 per month.

“Excited about Twitter’s new Super Follows plan. Leaning toward charging $1,000 per month or just $10,000 for a full year,” the game show host jokes. “If just half my followers take the yearly option, that will net me well over a billion dollars. But I pledge 2% to charity.”


The new Twitter feature allows accounts to be able to charge their followers for extra features such as bonus tweets, an exclusive community group, a subscription to a newsletter, or a badge of support. So far, it seems as though people have had mixed reactions to the new feature.