‘Wheel of Fortune’ Host Pat Sajak Drops Hilarious Dad Jokes in Father’s Day Chat with Daughter

by Clayton Edwards

Most people think of Pat Sajak as the host of Wheel of Fortune. This is accurate. After all, he has held that position for decades. However, he’s much more than that. At the end of the day, he’s just Pat. He has a wife and two children. By all accounts, he’s a loving father and husband.

Many fans of Wheel of Fortune can’t imagine Pat Sajak without his constant companion Vanna White. He and the striking blonde are one of the most famous duos on television. However, recently Sajak has been sitting down to talk with another striking blonde, his daughter Maggie Sajak. Their father-daughter chats are adorable to watch. You can really see the family dynamic between them. At the same time, they are informative. Maggie takes questions from her followers and passes them on to her father. So, we get some behind-the-scenes information straight from the horse’s mouth.

Earlier this month, Pat and Maggie Sajak sat down to talk about Father’s Day. They shared some memories from Maggie’s childhood and talked about the Father’s Day episodes of Wheel of Fortune. The highlights of the brief conversation, though, were Pat’s dad jokes.

Sure, you can groan and roll your eyes when someone drops a dad joke. But, much like grilling, mowing the lawn, and giving advice, dad jokes are a rite of passage for fathers. So, this Father’s Day, give your dad a break and laugh at his jokes. If they’re as good as Pat Sajak’s you won’t even have to fake the laugh.

Pat Sajak Drops Dad Jokes

It’s no secret that Pat Sajak is a pretty funny guy. He never misses the chance to inject a little humor into a game of Wheel of Fortune. So, while he and Maggie were chatting, he dropped a pair of golden dad jokes.

In fact, the video starts with Maggie Sajak introducing Pat. She says, “It’s time for a dad joke. So, here’s my dad.”

Pat Sajak wastes no time. He says, “This just in: a bus carrying prisoners back to the penitentiary has collided with a cement truck. Public has been warned to look out for hardened criminals.”

Maggie didn’t get much of a laugh out of Pat Sajak’s dad joke. Of course, the golden humor of fathers is often lost on the youth, much like the unmatched comfort of those white New Balance sneakers.

Later in the video, after taking a trip down memory lane, Pat Sajak drops another dad joke. That one manages to get a laugh out of Maggie. The second joke really only works if you hear it, though. So scroll up and check it out for yourself.