‘Wheel of Fortune’ Host Pat Sajak Has Plenty of Fun with Contestant on Her Way to Winning Big

by Amy Myers

This Wheel of Fortune contestant might not have won the game, but she sure won over the host Pat Sajak with her positive spirit and sense of humor. As most Wheel watchers know, Sajak loves to have fun with his guests on the show. From quirky jokes to celebratory moments, the competitors’ number one fan on set is, in fact, the game’s host. Sajak roots for each and every competitor with the same energy. More than just a way to earn some big cash, the host hopes for all of his guests to have fun no matter what the turnout. And for Marvita Gowdy, that’s exactly what she did.

When contestants have a rough time on Wheel of Fortune, no doubt it’s hard for them to stay cheery during the game. While their competitors continue to rack up the money, they sit with an empty or near-empty bank account. Thankfully, Pat Sajak is there to help keep spirits high even when their cash is low. This time, Sajak helped keep Gowdy in the game by discussing her passions and encouraging her few wins. It just goes to show that the best gameshow hosts are the ones that advocate for their guests.

In a recap video of the February episode, Wheel of Fortune shared some of the host’s moments with Gowdy.

‘Wheel of Fortune’ Host Celebrates Contestant’s Back-to-Back Wins

When Sajak first getting to know the Wheel of Fortune contestant, Sajak revealed that Gowdy was an English professor at Fresno State University. Unfortunately, Gowdy’s mastery of words didn’t end up helping her much on the show. The contestant also revealed that she and her husband have been married for 44 years. Together, they share a daughter, who “just recently graduated” high school.

“You sound very relieved about that,” Sajak added.

The Wheel of Fortune host then joked, “And you jump out of airplanes – oh no, you like crafting.”

“Yes, I like crafting,” Gowdy said, playing along. “But I like adventures, too.”

“So you could jump out of a craft,” Sajak said.

Gowdy and the audience laughed at the corny joke. The host, knowing the limits of his own comedy, said, “It wasn’t that good.”

Perhaps the good-natured humor gave Gowdy the confidence she needed to earn some cash. During the Triple Toss-Up round, Gowdy solved two of the three puzzles in a matter of seconds, earning her a cool $4,000.

The first: “Turning on the Television.”

The second: “Sitting on the Couch.”

While these may have been Gowdy’s only two wins, Sajak expressed how much he enjoyed having the English professor on Wheel of Fortune.

“I will tell you, you’re a great audience. Almost anything I say, you laughed at,” Sajak told Gowdy. “Why did the chicken cross the road?”

On cue, Gowdy chuckled.