‘Wheel of Fortune’ Host Pat Sajak Has Hilarious Conversation with Contestant: ‘It’s the Gown That Does it’

by Amy Myers

While Wheel of Fortune is a very family-friendly show, somehow, there always manages to be a double entendre that sneaks into the conversations between the host, Pat Sajak, and the contestants. Whether intentional or not, the innuendos always leave the audience in giggles, especially when Sajak gives one of his classic one-liners in response.

As always, the incident began when Sajak took a moment between puzzles to get to know the contestants. This time, he spoke to Chris Burkhardt of Sherwood Forest in the San Fernando Valley in California. Burkhardt had just finished solving the previous Toss Up Puzzle and won herself a trip to Margaritaville Beach Resort Playa Flamingo in Costa Rica, worth $7,922. In addition to her vacation, Burkhardt also had $2,000 in her bank from her appropriate answer, “Planning My Escape.”

Curious about her occupation, Sajak brought up the fact that Burkhardt was a registered nurse.

“And you enjoy your work, I suspect,” the Wheel of Fortune host added.

“I love it,” Burkhardt answered.

“I’d like to walk into a room and see you there,” Sajak told his contestant.

“Oh, and I’d love to see you come into my room,” she said.

Just as the host thanked her for the kind comment, a chuckle rose from the audience. Sajak paused, card in hand, considering the second meaning of their conversation.

“It’s the gown that does it,” he quipped, while Burkhardt assured the audience that she didn’t mean her comment that way.

Surely, the conversation was purely innocent, but the enthusiasm that the host and the contestant shared about seeing each other in a hospital room may have had some flirtatious undertones. Of course, Sajak is a happily married man with two kids. Burkhardt herself has her husband, Bill, a married daughter and two grandsons.

‘Wheel of Fortune’ Registered Nurse Goes on to Win the Game

As a registered nurse, Burkhardt is probably used to seeing things that others miss. It’s a part of her job to notice the little details that can make a huge difference in the patient’s treatment and prognosis. With all the practice she has on the job, it’s no surprise that she did so well on the Wheel of Fortune. In fact, Burkhardt went home with an impressive $19,622 cash from her expert gameplay.

However, there was one puzzle that cost Burkhardt an extra $3,500 thanks to a tiny yet crucial mistake during the Crossword Puzzle. After correctly solving all of the words that precede the clue “Button,” the Wheel of Fortune contestant missed out on the extra few thousand dollars by adding the word “and” to the answer. Unfortunately, that meant that the next competitor took home the extra dough. Thankfully, though, on top of her nearly $20,000 win, Burkhardt still had her Margaritaville vacation waiting for her and her husband–or maybe Pat Sajak if he wears the hospital gown.