‘Wheel of Fortune’ Host Pat Sajak Jokes About the ‘Exciting Baseball Trade Deadline’

by Jonathan Howard

The long-time host of Wheel of Fortune, Pat Sajak, took to Twitter to comment on the recent MLB trade deadline. The deadline, which ended today, was quite a busy affair. There were some teams who got deals on important pieces, while others decided to finally cut all vestiges of the past.

There were a few big names traded at the deadline. The Chicago Cubs had traded Ryan Tepera right around the corner to the White Sox. The Cubs also got rid of Joc Pederson and sent captain Anthony Rizzo to the New York Yankees. For Cubs fans, the Rizzo trade is a bit of an era coming to an end.

The deadline was full of teams deciding both their near futures and perhaps further. The Washington Nationals traded away just about every veteran they had. The Nationals sent the Padres Daniel Hudson. Hudson is one of the most capable relievers in the league and should improve their bullpen almost immediately. He recently landed on that long list of Nats to make the COVID-19 injury list.

However, the Red Sox would take the most talented player from the Nats. The injured Kyle Schwarber is headed to Boston. His strained right hamstring he suffered in early July squashed all hope for a Washington rally in the second half of the season. Without Schwarber in July, the Nats went an abysmal 6-16. They had cracked over .500 at the end of June.

Pat Sajak Trade Deadline Complaint

While the trade deadline was indeed exciting for the casual fan, and a few select fan bases, not everyone enjoyed all the transactions. Pat Sajak was one of those that did not like the fact some teams had decided to give up on their respective seasons and build towards free agency.

Sajak is a curious MLB fan. Not due to any comment or take he has had, but the number of teams he roots for. An admitted former Cubs fan, Sajak grew up cheering for the Cubbies. However, he has cheered for the White Sox, the Orioles, and has landed firmly in the Dodgers fandom. Moving from his hometown of Chicago to Los Angeles certainly played a role in the fandom switch.

The great thing about this tweet is that Sajak is clearly talking about the Cubs, despite not being a fan. The Dodgers made moves to acquire Max Scherzer and Trea Turner, two absolute studs and players that could help LA win another World Series. Meanwhile, the Cubs as outlined above, have made all the moves to clear out the roster and look ahead to something new.

Perhaps Pat Sajak is talking about the Nationals instead, who also cleared plenty of veterans out of their roster at the deadline. It is cool to see Sajak discuss issues like a regular fan. However, I wouldn’t hold my breath on any ticket prices going down in any media market, unfortunately.