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‘Wheel of Fortune’ Host Pat Sajak Wishes People Understood Sarcasm Better

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Mike Pont/Getty Images)

For the most part, folks know Pat Sajak for his hosting duties on Wheel of Fortune. Then there are those that know him on Twitter.

For Sajak, it seems that he has finally realized what the internet and social media are all about… arguing. There are millions of examples by now of folks misunderstanding a tweet, status, or update, and will lose their minds in anger over it. This is a phenomenon that Sajak seems to have discovered for himself now.

Of course, he let people know on his Twitter. Pat is always good for a quick laugh from a corny joke or some other half-kidding update on his page. The Wheel of Fortune host was open and honest in his words. Surely, no one will be upset by what he has to say this time, right?

Check out the tweet below and see for yourself.

“I’ve discovered that no matter how outlandishly over-the-top, satirical, sarcastic or ridiculous the tweet,” Sajak wrote. “Approximately 20% of Twitter users who comment will take it at face value. Helps explain why there’s so much anger out there.”

It seems that Sajak might have gotten some heat after his tweet a few days ago. Pat jokingly said he was, “pulling both ‘Sajak Sings Sinatra’ and ‘Pat Sajak’s Yodeling Favorites’ from Spotify.” That was, of course, a reference to Neil Young and Joni Mitchell. Young pulled his music from the streaming service due to comments that Joe Rogan made on his podcast. Mitchell joined in solidarity with Young.

Something tells me this will not stop Sajak from his usual Twitter antics. He loves dad jokes and puns far too much for that. Besides, Wheel of Fortune doesn’t even let him do his best material on the show.

‘Wheel of Fortune’ Features Super Bowl Bound Von Miller

In a recent episode of Celebrity Wheel of Fortune, the show had a very special guest. Former Super Bowl champion Von Miller. Now with the LA Rams, Miller had a lot to celebrate this weekend. It isn’t every day that you get to win in front of Pat and Vanna on the same night you punch a ticket to the big game.

While Miller prerecorded the episode of Wheel of Fortune, it is special that the show aired while he was battling in the NFC Conference Championship. Miller is a defensive wizard out on the field. He is able to see the offense like a QB reads defenses and leads his unit to success. The Rams wanted him badly. His sharp wit and competitive nature were on display while spinning and solving puzzles.

The show is calling Miller the “comeback king” because of his play on the show. However, his Rams had quite a comeback as well. Winning 20-17 after being down 17-7. Just remarkable and a great weekend for Von Miller overall. How many folks can say they have had that much success put on display on the same day?