‘Wheel of Fortune’ Host Vanna White Explained Why You Can’t ‘Buy the Connection’ She Has with Pat Sajak

by Jon D. B.

In this fun 2019 interview, Wheel of Fortune‘s irreplaceable Vanna White details the one-of-a-kind bond she shares with co-host Pat Sajak.

It’s hard to imagine anyone else championing the green-to-white Wheel of Fortune board. Back in 1982, Vanna White was but one of many young women auditioning to become the game show’s “letter turner.”

Now, 37 years later and still as mesmerizing as ever, Vanna (who shares the rare one-name notoriety, like Madonna, that few others will ever gain) no longer turns letters – but touches them into existence as part of the digital age. And her co-host, fellow Fortune icon Pat Sajak, has been there with her through it all.

In 2019, YouTube interviewer Paolo Presta sat down with White for a lighthearted, bubbly chat. It wasn’t long before the subject turned to her “chemistry” and “bond” with Sajak.

“You guys have such great chemistry,” begins Presta. “The bond is there, it’s so special! I know you guys always got along,” he adds, before blowing Vanna away with a piece of trivia.

Paolo certainly did his homework! He then cites the infamous “hot dog” incident, which is – in Vanna’s own words – the “only argument” the Wheel of Fortune co-hosts have ever had in nearly four decades.

‘Wheel of Fortune’s Fortunate Friends

“That’s the only argument we’ve ever had!” Vanna smiles, absolutely stunned with the interviewer’s knowledge. “In all these years!” she grins wide, applauding Paolo’s passion.

“I mean, think about it,” she continues. “How many true friends do you have? I mean, you have a lot of friends [in life], but people that you connect with.”

After discussing friendships, the Wheel of Fortune icon puts it plainly.

“You can’t buy the connection. You can’t make the connection. It just happens between people! And Pat and I just happen to be those people. We are like a brother and sister team, you know? We’re yin and yang!”

The interview continues on in similar fashion, and is a wonderful watch for fans of Fortune and Vanna. Give the full sit-down a spin for yourself below, in which White also discusses the late, great Alex Trebek just after his tragic pancreatic cancer diagnosis.

Vanna White is a true television icon and we are beyond excited to sit down with her today at the Wheel of Fortune soundstage! She is one of the most kind and generous people we have ever encountered and she also loves to have fun. Enjoy this interview and special game with the one and only Vanna White!

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