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‘Wheel of Fortune’ Host Vanna White Explained Why She Has to Be ‘Awake’ to Do Her Job

by Chris Haney
(Photo by David Livingston/Getty Images)

During a 2012 interview, Wheel of Fortune host Vanna White opened up about some of the intricacies of her job on the game show.

White spoke with WBOC‘s DelmarvaLife as part of their “Monday Memories” series. She revealed details on what it’s like to be the hostess on one of the most famous game show‘s on American television. The longtime Wheel of Fortune letter turner admits it’s not the hardest job in the world. Yet every job involves a certain amount of concentration at times, and hers is no different.

“I will say that a lot of the stuff that I do out there is autopilot. Like going to the car and pointing to the car. But during the game, I have to be present. I have to be, oh yea, they just called a ‘P.’ So I have to be awake during that time,” Vanna White explained in the interview.

When most Wheel of Fortune fans think of White’s job, they likely think of her revealing letters to the game’s answers. For years she manually turned physical blocks of letters on the game board. However, in 1997, the game show updated the game board to digital TV screens.

“You know, 15 years ago I said, ‘Is there any way you can make my job easier?'” Vanna White jokingly said. “No, I’m kidding. I didn’t really do that. But they decided that they wanted to do it computerized with TV screens because it saves time for them. They don’t have to load each letter in [manually].”

“And yes, I could be replaced by a computer, but fortunately they haven’t figured that out yet,” she amusingly added.

‘Wheel of Fortune’ Host Vanna White Reveals Struggles During Early Days of Her Career

Although Wheel of Fortune hostess Vanna White admittedly has it pretty easy these days, that wasn’t always the case. While speaking with A Spoonful of Paolo in 2019, White touched on the difficulties she faced when first trying to break into Hollywood. Although the game show host has been on TV for almost 40 years now, like many in the entertainment industry, she struggled during the early part of her career.

White opened up about moving to California to follow her dreams in the early ’80s. She made the move to Los Angeles with $1,000 and shared an inexpensive apartment with a friend. Additionally, she bought a very cheap used car – a Ford Pinto. She went on to detail her story, and share some inspiring words for those trying to make it in Hollywood.

“I wanted to be anything in movies, on TV, anything, just whatever. Of course, I move here with $1,000 to my name. I rent an apartment with my girlfriend. First and last month’s rent was $700, and I bought a little white Pinto for $300. And I got a job,” White said of moving to L.A. to chase her dreams.

“I slept on the floor, and then I became Spring Air Mattresses spokesperson, how weird is that? So you know I just never gave up and I would tell anybody out there, go for your dream, follow your dream. Don’t give up, it can happen,” she added.