‘Wheel of Fortune’ Impressive Puzzle Solve Has Show Saying ‘You Have to See It to Believe It’

by Chris Haney

On Thursday night, Wheel of Fortune shared a clip of a contestant solving a tough puzzle that the game show said you have to see to believe.

A contestant named Karen earned her way to the Bonus Round after a solid earlier performance at the wheel. Host Pat Sajak set up the final puzzle for her by telling Karen the subject is “What Are You Wearing?” As always, Karen started out with the given letters “R,S,T,L,N,E.” Hostess Vanna White turned over the initial squares for the two-word, 10-letter answer. Karen already had four letters revealed out of 10, and only had to get six more correct to solve the puzzle.

Karen picked three consonants and a vowel when she chose “D,M,P,I.” She also had an additional consonant from her bonus prize earlier in the game and picked an “F.” However, White stood still and shook her head as not a single letter Karen chose would help her out. Stuck with the same six blank spaces, Karen now had to attempt to answer the puzzle.

The contestant had 10 seconds to answer correctly, and with about five seconds left she said, “Jean Jacket?” The crowd shouted with excitement as Sajak and White looked stunned. Not only did Karen pull off the impressive win, she earned herself a brand new car when Sajak revealed a Ford Edge in her card.

‘Wheel of Fortune’ Contestant Shares Story of Meeting Vanna White at the Grocery Store

On Tuesday, the popular game show posted a video of contestant Chele sharing a story related to hostess Vanna White. She specifically opened up about her chance encounter with the Wheel of Fortune hostess. In fact, Chele met White in the checkout line of a local grocery store. She credits meeting the famous game show hostess for inspiring her to try out for the show.

While standing in line at the grocery store, Chele noticed a magazine with a Wheel of Fortune-related story on the front cover. She had already considered trying out for the show, but what happened next confirmed her intent. As she stared at the front cover, Chele heard the cashier say aloud “Hi, Vanna.” Sure enough, the contestant looked up and standing in front of her was Vanna White in the flesh.

“Can you imagine meeting @officialvannawhite … at the grocery store?” Wheel of Fortune asked its Instagram followers.

“Well, I was thinking about trying out for Wheel,” Chele explained. “I’m deep in thought in line at the grocery store. I look over, see a magazine about Wheel, and I thought, ‘It’s a sign.’ Then I hear the checker go, ‘Hi, Vanna.’ Vanna White is right in front of me!”

“That’s it, I’m trying out,” the contestant concluded.