‘Wheel of Fortune’: Maggie Sajak and Vanna White Dazzles in Pink Dresses Before Show

by Kati Michelle

Taking over the family business means something a little different for Maggie Sajak than the rest of us. For Maggie Sajak, it means diving into the world of the popular “Wheel of Fortune” game show with its famous word puzzles and flipping tiles. Actually, she’s been visiting the set since she could barely walk. Two decades later and now she gives Vanna a run for her money as one of the most elegantly dressed Social Correspondents there is.

Ultimately, this title means that Maggie Sajak is in charge of the behind-the-scenes footage from “Wheel of Fortune.” She regularly interacts with the fans sharing strategies and anecdotes about growing up with her famous host dad. A recent tweet from Maggie shows how she dazzled the audience with yet another stunning outfit. This time, fans were treated to a pink ensemble ahead of the show. But, did Pat get the memo?

Maggie Sajak Brings Her Own Style to ‘Wheel of Fortune’

Here’s the tweet that shows off a dressed-to-impress Maggie Sajak alongside Vanna White:

The updated “Wheel of Fortune” website includes a short blurb about Maggie Sajak and a quote from her about taking on the role as their Social Correspondent. She says: “I’m excited about the opportunity to bring an insider’s look at the show…The Wheel of Fortune staff and crew have always been like an extended family…I’m thrilled to be working with them.”

This Isn’t Her First Rodeo

Maggie and her brother didn’t just follow their dad to work to the set of “Wheel of Fortune.” The sibling duo actually performed one of the show’s closing segments as kids. In the segment, Maggie starts by asking her brother if “daddy” gave him any advice about closing the show.

Patrick adorably stumbles through his lines, but eventually says that Pat Sajak’s advice was “not to be funnier than him.” Patrick then poses the same question to Maggie and asks if she got any good closing advice from Vanna. To this, Maggie says the same “not to be funnier than daddy is.”

After some laughter from the audience, Patrick asks Maggie if there’s anything else. To this, she says “Well, she did tell me to say one thing.” Maggie then looks at the camera and delivers an adorable “buh-bye” as Patrick offers a “goodnight everyone.”

The throwback video comes directly from the official YouTube channel for the game show. Check it out:

And what’s Maggie up to now? On top of her work on the show, she completed her undergrad studies at Princeton University. She then went on to complete a postgraduate program at Columbia University. If that wasn’t impressive enough, the brainchild of Pat Sajak is now attending law school.