‘Wheel of Fortune’: Maggie Sajak Poses Next to LA Dodgers Sajak Jersey with Hilarious Caption

by Matthew Wilson

“Wheel of Fortune” star Pat Sajak’s daughter Maggie is a sports fan, specifically Major League Baseball. And she appears to be repping the Los Angeles Dodgers.

In a social media post, Maggie joked that she actually had a long and prolific baseball career herself. In the post, she stood next to a framed jersey from the LA Dodgers. It was apparently a gift from the franchise. The jersey also had the last name Sajak across the back.

She wrote on Instagram, “Really nice of the @dodgers to honor my illustrious baseball career!”

Maggie Sajak’s Instagram post got plenty of reactions from her followers. One person cheered for her and the jersey, writing, “Very Awesome, Maggie!!!”

Another wrote, “Breathtaking gorgeous beauty.” And yet another question if she was going to come back to “Wheel of Fortune” anytime soon. “Please come back to Wheel!!”

‘Wheel of Fortune’ Star is Baseball Fan

Of course, Maggie may get her love for the Dodgers from her father Pat Sajak. For the past few years, Sajak has been repping the team’s signature blue. In fact, fans saw the “Wheel of Fortune” host attend the World Series in 2017. The Dodgers played the Houston Astros for that game.

“I mean, it’s hard not to have some part of you not root for them because it’s been such a great year and such a great story but they are playing the Dodgers and I am wearing blue,” the “Wheel of Fortune” host said at the game.

Sajak confessed that he finally got tired of watching the Chicago Cubs lose. That team went through a historic drought when comes to pulling the big win. In fact, Chicago went 108 years without winning the World Series. Sajak and other fans finally got to see the team win in 2016, breaking that losing streak. But Sajak didn’t seem too confident in a repeat victory.

“Yeah…I’ve lived out here since ’77. I grew up in Chicago as a Cub fan. When they didn’t make it in 100 years, I said ‘That’s enough’ and I’ve moved on,” answered Sajak.

In a bit of an ironic twist, the LA Dodgers ended up losing to the Houston Astros that year, proving that Sajak just couldn’t win. Of course, the franchise rebounded in 2020, beating out the Tampa Bay Rays. So, their losing streak didn’t last quite as long as Sajak’s previous team.