‘Wheel of Fortune’: Pat Sajak Can’t Stop Cracking Up at Hilarious Contestant Responses in Funny Clip

by Amy Myers
(Photo by Ralph Notaro/Getty Images)

Whenever contestants join host Pat Sajak on Wheel of Fortune, they always come prepared with a quirky tidbit or hilarious fact about themselves. At this point, you would think that the renowned host has just about heard it all from his many years at the head of the show. However, in this episode, Sajak finds himself questioning whether his guests’ facts and stories were true because they were so… let’s call them unique.

First up to meet Sajak was Heather Kim from Manhattan Beach, California. The Wheel of Fortune host started out with some of her more typical facts – she was a happily married wife with four beautiful children that all still lived at home. But before Kim could talk about her kids, she had to clarify that she didn’t just have any husband at home – she had a very “sexy husband” at home.

“And because of that, I have four kids,” the Wheel of Fortune contestant shared unabashedly.

“Apparently, you like alone time with your husband, it says here on the card,” Sajak added with a chuckle.

“He’s just really sexy,” Kim declared. Sajak couldn’t help but cackle.

Watch the Wheel of Fortune host meet Kim and the following two contestants in the clip below.

‘Wheel of Fortune’ Contestants Share Unique Occupations with Pat Sajak

After he got to know about Kim and her family, Sajak then moved onto Nate Leal of Cambria, California, a cinematographer for surfing movies – well, for the most part.

“I kind of do whatever,” Leal admitted to the Wheel of Fortune host. Sajak joked that he probably can’t write that on his tax forms.

Beyond surfing or “whatever” he does, Leal also likes to barbecue. In fact, he shared that he actually has “a brisket on the smoker right now. Put it on before I left.”

Hopefully, it turned out okay once he got home.

That left Nate Roessler from Redondo Beach, California. The Wheel of Fortune host reported that Roessler’s main occupation was a salon services coordinator for the pet store. Roessler explained that this meant he kept the shop organized by booking appointments and answering phone calls. When he’s not managing the day-to-day logistics, though, Roessler’s also making sure that his furry clients are “happy and healthy” and also safe.

But that’s not all. Sajak could barely make it through the next note on his card as he announced the type of business that Roessler is starting online without laughing.

“Are you people making this stuff up?” he asked his contestants.

Believe it or not, Roessler was starting his own online tarot card reading business. Apparently, the contestant had been practicing for over five years at the time. In fact, the Wheel of Fortune card was one of his favorites.

Unfortunately for Roessler, though, it wasn’t in the cards for him to take home the win. He came in third place by the end of the game with an empty bank account. Better luck next time.