‘Wheel of Fortune’: Pat Sajak Couldn’t Keep Himself From Laughing After Contestant Missed Easy Puzzle Solve

by Jon D. B.

In one of the best Wheel of Fortune interview segments of all time, Pat Sajak & Vanna White can’t contain themselves as they reminisce moments that made them absolutely lose it on-set.

These two are such a pair. Their loving friendship is certainly one of the many keys to success for Wheel of Fortune, and it’s on full display in this hysterical Emmy TV Legends archival interview. Within, Vanna White lauds her co-host’s dynamic sense of humor. By her own words, Pat Sajak keeps her “in stitches” on the regular. Making Pat laugh, however, is a whole other ballgame.

After sending each other into a fit of laughter (that we’ll touch on later), Sajak begins to tell a tale of his own. And it’s apparently “the one time” he absolutely couldn’t contain himself on the Wheel of Fortune set.

“We had a guy once… The puzzle was “Styrofoam Cup,” Pat begins of the incident, already smirking. “Don’t ask me why this was funny…”

“Styrofoam was pretty much spelled out, and everyone knew that’s what it was. But there were three blank letters on the bottom,” he continues. “And the guy said ‘I’ll solve the puzzle!’… And he said ‘Styrofoam Hat’…”

At this point, Vanna is already laughing at the memory, which she clearly recalls, too.

“And for some reason, the word ‘hat’… It took me twenty minutes to regain my composure! I don’t know why!” he laughs with his co-host and friend.

“I don’t know why, but ‘Styrofoam Hat’? Of all the things you could make with styrofoam!”

“That one got you,” White smiles.

“Hat’s a funny word!” Sajak offers, crossing his arms. Everyone may not agree on “hat” being a gut-buster of a word, but it is for Pat, and it’s a memory that looks to always make him laugh.

The One Time Vanna White Cracked Up Her Un-Crackable ‘Wheel Of Fortune’ Co-Host

This story, however, pales in comparison to the event recounted just before. Within, after Vanna reveals how hard it is to crack up Pat Sajak, he immediately recalls one time she absolutely did.

“You’re not going to say that,” White responds, already in hysterics. Oh, clearly this is going to be good. And it is.

“We’re getting ready. And literally [Wheel of Fortune announcer] Charlie is saying ‘and here they are, the stars of our show’… And Vanna – innocently – puts two fingers up in front of my nose and says: ‘Smell this!” he recounts, barely speaking between laughs.

We’d break down the rest for you, but honestly, this is one Wheel interview fans absolutely have to watch in-full for themselves. Laugh along with the incomparable Vanna White and Pat Sajak below, courtesy of Foundation Interviews: