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‘Wheel of Fortune’: Watch Pat Sajak Cut Vanna White’s Hair on Show in Crazy Throwback Moment

by Jennifer Shea
Gerardo Mora/Getty Images

“Wheel of Fortune” co-hosts Pat Sajak and Vanna White say they’re like brother and sister. And Sajak certainly acted like a brother when he pulled a surprise move on White and snipped off a lock of her hair in a classic episode of the show.

Why? Well, White had been threatening to get her hair cut. All week long, she kept talking about getting a haircut. But she didn’t actually do it.

So finally Sajak stepped in and took matters into his own hands. In front of the studio audience, he took out a pair of scissors and grabbed White’s shoulder-length hairdo. Then he began to cut.

“Pat!” White exclaimed. “You’re grabbing a lot! He’s really gonna cut my hair, isn’t he?”

Watch Sajak play hairdresser in the throwback video here:

Unlike Most Siblings, Sajak and White Never Fight

But while the “Wheel of Fortune” duo may banter like a pair of siblings, they don’t fight like one. In 2019, White told Fox News that she can only recall one fight they’ve ever had, and it wasn’t exactly a major blowup.

“Believe it or not, Pat Sajak and I have only had one argument in 36 years and that was over putting ketchup on a hot dog,” White said. “I agree it is [weird].”

White takes her hot dogs with ketchup and mustard. Sajak passes on the ketchup. And that is the most virulent difference of opinion they’ve had in nearly four decades.

‘Wheel of Fortune’ Is the Product of Teamwork

Sajak has been hosting “Wheel of Fortune” since 1981, while White has been turning letters since 1982, and the show has already passed its 7000th episode. White said that’s thanks to the sizeable team that works to put the show together.

“Well, we have a great producer and we have about 150 people who help put that show on, so it’s a big team effort. It’s teamwork,” White told Fox.

Asked if she ever thought they would pass the 7000 mark, White was incredulous yet humble.

“No. No I did not,” she said. “And it’s thanks to all of our loyal viewers. I want to thank them for watching all these years.”

The show has been doing quite well in ratings lately. “Celebrity Wheel of Fortune” in particular drew an impressive amount of viewers this year. Decades into its run, “Wheel of Fortune” shows no signs of losing steam.