‘Wheel of Fortune’: Pat Sajak’s Daughter Maggie Reveals Hilarious ‘Christmas in July’ Present from Her Father

by Amy Myers

Wheel of Fortune fans are turning their ugly Christmas sweaters into tank tops for the “Christmas in July” giveaway. Started in late June, the giveaway is a second chance for Wheel watchers to win prizes from the Consumer Cellular Secret Santa Holiday Giveaway, usually held in December. However, for the first time ever, host Pat Sajak and letter-turner Vanna White are giving fans another opportunity to win.

But Sajak and White aren’t the ones who determine the prizes. Instead, the Secret Santas will be the Wheel of Fortune contestants. Whatever they win, fans win, too. This could range from cars to all-expense paid trips to cold cash. In order to win, Sajak and White told fans to join or log into Wheel Watchers Club by June 28. Starting July 12th through the 23rd, the dynamic duo will reveal which fans won prizes or cash.

Since they announced the start of the competition two weeks ago, the show and its team members have posted frequent updates on the giveaway. Needless to say, the Wheel of Fortune team is thrilled to give this extra opportunity to fans.

‘Wheel of Fortune’ Host’s Daughter Cashes In On the Fun

Recently, Wheel of Fortune added a familiar face to its team–host Pat Sajak’s daughter, Maggie. Although Maggie is no stranger to the show, the 26-year-old is now officially the Wheel’s Online Media Correspondent, handling their social media accounts and giving fans exclusive, never-before-seen clips of her dad and the show.

On Maggie’s Instagram story and the Wheel of Fortune Instagram page, she shared a video of herself in front of a fireplace. Dressed in in Santa Claus pajamas, she’s decorated the home with holiday pillows to match the “Christmas in July” theme. Her rosy red cheeks even seemed to match her outfit. Stunning as always, the celebrity daughter held a present in her hand as she addressed viewers. Holiday music full of bells began to play.

“I can’t believe my dad actually got me a ‘Christmas in July’ present,” she shared, showing off the box with red plaid and stockings on it.

She revealed the gift inside—one of her father’s headshots. With a comically annoyed expression, she said, “I’ll just add it to the collection.”

Maggie grabbed a stack of identical, black-and-white photos of Pat Sajak from off-camera and placed the newest one on top. The classic Wheel of Fortune “Bankrupt” slide-whistle and buzzer played in the background.

In the caption, Wheel told fans, “Pat got @maggiesajak a Christmas in July present! Any guesses what it could be? See what YOU could win during Summer Secret Santa, coming down the chimney Monday, July 12!”