‘Wheel of Fortune’: Pat Sajak’s Daughter Maggie Stuns in Pink Dress, Declares ‘Didn’t Read Instruction Manual’

by Amy Myers

Wheel of Fortune host’s daughter, Maggie Sajak, may not post on Instagram often, but when she does, she always looks absolutely flawless. Her most recent photos from August 11 are no different.

As the social media correspondent for Wheel of Fortune, Sajak is more focused on posting updates about the show than she is posting photos of herself. From exclusive Q-and-A’s with her dad to giveaway reminders to throwback clips, Sajak keeps Wheel watchers entertained between new episodes. And, just like her comical father, she always manages to add a splash of humor to the post. Her personal page is not a far stretch from how she handles the show’s page.

In Sajak’s most recent photos, she proved once again that she can turn just about any environment into a catwalk. A concrete floor, some electric panels and wiring aren’t all that glamorous by themselves. But add the always gorgeous Wheel of Fortune star to the foreground, and it’s instantly a cover shot. This time, Sajak wore a summery, sleeveless, peach dress with a pair of nude sandals. She struck a couple of effortless poses. And again, fans wonder why exactly the Wheel of Fortune star never decided to try modeling outside of Instagram.

In the first photo, Sajak stood on one foot with her left heel kicked behind her. Meanwhile, in the second, the Wheel of Fortune star placed one hand on her hip and the other around a lock of hair. Finally, in the third, she chose a more natural stance with a casual smile. In her caption, Sajak wrote, “didn’t even read the instruction manual.”

One fan said it all in their comment on Sajak’s photos, “Electrifying.”

‘Wheel of Fortune’ Star Hopes Nick Jonas Will ‘Magically Appear’

The lesson we could all learn from Wheel of Fortune star Maggie Sajak is to never take life too seriously. Each one of her posts on both the show’s and her personal pages demonstrates the lighthearted demeanor that she carries no matter where she goes. Sounds a lot like a famous game show host we know, too.

In another one of Sajak’s photos, instead of electrifying her followers, she set the room on fire in her bright red dress. In her caption, Sajak admitted that 13 years ago, when she was actually 13, she hoped that a certain Jonas Brothers member would appear as if she were in a romcom setup.

The Wheel of Fortune star wrote, “in 2008, I thought that if I wore high heels, a red dress and stood all by myself, @nickjonas would magically appear and fall in love with me.”

Although Nick Jonas is now a happily married man, we’d like to think for Sajak’s sake that if he was single, he would totally show up to sweep her off her feet.