‘Wheel of Fortune’: Pat Sajak, Entertaining Contestants Get Up to ‘Shenanigans’ in New Clip

by John Jamison

Season 38 of “Wheel of Fortune” is in full swing. And the contestants on Monday’s episode could easily have a show of their own. They very well may be the most interesting mix Pat Sajak has ever witnessed.

Heather can’t stop talking about how sexy her husband is, Nate is a surfer who left a brisket on the smoker, and Dan works at a pet store while he plans his online fortune-telling business. Write those three characters into a sitcom, and you’d have a hit on your hands.

Let’s start with Heather. Pat Sajak introduces her by mentioning that she is a mother to four kids.

“Yes. I have a very sexy husband. And because of that, I have four kids,” Heather said. When asked if there was anything else she wanted to share about her husband, she doubled down, “He’s just really sexy.”

Next is Nate. The longtime “Wheel of Fortune” host introduces the young man as a cinematographer who shoots surf movies.

“Yeah, mostly. I kinda do whatever, but mostly surfing,” Nate said, as only a surfer could. Nate is more than that, though. He’s a meat man. “Yeah, I actually got a brisket on the smoker right now. Put it on before I left.” We respect it, Nate. But hopefully, someone’s at home to keep an eye on what could otherwise be a major fire hazard.

Finally, we arrive at Dan. Dan does scheduling for a pet grooming store. So naturally, he’s also planning an online tarot reading business.

“Yes. So I’ve been reading tarot for about five years,” Dan said, before adding that there is a wheel of fortune tarot card that deals with fate. “And so I kind of feel like I’m fated to be here,” he said.

“And by the way, these interviews are available on DVD, so,” Pat Sajak joked.

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