‘Wheel of Fortune’: Pat Sajak Hilariously Explains How Father’s Day is a ‘Raw Deal’ in New Interview

by Chris Haney

With Father’s Day right around the corner, Wheel of Fortune host Pat Sajak and his daughter, Maggie, shared some of their favorite memories together. Additionally, Sajak let everyone in on why dads get a “raw deal” on the holiday.

It’s Father’s Day Week on Wheel of Fortune, and every contestant on the game show will be a dad on the next five episodes. Sajak and his daughter touched on the special week of games planned to pay tribute to all the dads out there.

“We have all contestants who are fathers, but today I’m gonna talk to my personal favorite father. Hey, dad,” Maggie joked in the clip.

“Thank you, very much,” Sajak said to his daughter. “I was a little worried I was gonna be like your second favorite.”

The Wheel of Fortune host then explained that he’s not used to having all men on the game show. But he’s looking forward to the week-long event leading up to the holiday. That said, the pair admit Father’s Day isn’t quite the same as Mother’s Day.

“Fathers get a raw deal where that’s concerned,” Sajak said to his laughing daughter. “I mean, mothers get roses, they get breakfast in bed, I don’t even get a petunia and a waffle.”

“I had no idea you wanted a petunia, I’m sorry,” Maggie amusingly responded.

‘Wheel of Fortune’ Host’s Daughter Increasingly Involved With the Game Show

For those that may not realize it, this isn’t the first time Maggie Sajak has joined her famous father on Wheel of Fortune. She’s been involved with the show multiple times in recent years. Back in early April, Maggie even took over the game show’s Instagram account and chatted with contestants that were competing in the annual College Week event.

Both Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy! dedicate a week each season to college students who compete on their respective shows each year. The Wheel added the 26-year-old as a special guest host for their social media account. Maggie spoke with the university contestants about “all things college and Wheel.”

She made further appearances as well. In 2019, her father had to exit the show temporarily due to medical issues. He underwent emergency intestinal surgery to remove a blockage in November of that year. Vanna White took over Sajak’s hosting duties, and Maggie stepped up to fill in for White’s role on the game show.

In addition, Maggie even joined the game show many years earlier as a toddler. Sajak’s daughter was so young she could barely walk onto the set on her own. But now that she’s grown up, she’s been able to help out when needed, including joining the Wheel of Fortune team for College Week.