‘Wheel of Fortune’: Pat Sajak Gives Maggie the Scoop on Tonight’s Game

by Jonathan Howard

While Maggie Sajak is hoping to move up in the Wheel of Fortune hierarchy one day, she has to finish school first.

Maggie and her dad, Pat have been pretty close throughout the years. Since the younger Sajak has been expanding her role on Wheel, they seem inseparable. Well, that is until Maggie had to go to law school. That will put a stop to things for a little while.

However, that won’t stop the Sajak family from talking. As the First Family of Wheel of Fortune, the two talk about the show, winners, and probably many behind-the-scenes aspects of production. In a new video that Maggie posted, the two chat it up about the $100,000 winner from tonight’s episode. That doesn’t happen often.

Check out the Twitter video below and see it for yourself.

While they chatted it up, Maggie started to ask too many questions for Pat. The elder Sajak was asked if there had ever been two $100k winners in a row. Fun fact, no, there has not been. Maggie thought she could get the scoop out of her dad and asked if he knew about the winner for Tuesday night. Of course, he knows, but he isn’t telling.

Now, call me crazy, but this seems like a good way to tease a potential back-to-back $100k run. It is hard to get one a month, and like Pat said no two contestants have ever won the big prize in a row. So, Maggie tried her best. But, Pat ain’t gonna budge. Wheel of Fortune will always have secrets safe with Sajak.

Now, Pat Sajak isn’t the biggest tech nerd in the world. But, he does tweet from time to time. Maybe that will happen less in the future, though.

‘Wheel of Fortune’ Host Talks Putting ‘Twitter Aside’

Sajak likes tweeting jokes and wisecracks from time to time. But, social media has been wearing on him. We all know that Twitter and Facebook aren’t real life. But sometimes we get sucked in too deep and things get to be too much. Pat took some time to talk about letting go of Twitter.

“One thing you notice when you put Twitter aside for a while and spend your time in real life,” the Wheel of Fortune host wrote. “Is that those things you thought everyone was talking about almost no one else is talking about.”

Those are great words to remember when we think things on Twitter are getting to be too much. You can always just step away like the Wheel of Fortune host did. Besides, Outsiders, it is better to get out and enjoy the fresh air. Build a fire, walk a path, get some dirt in your hands. But, then again, I’m preaching to the choir, aren’t I?