‘Wheel of Fortune’ Pat Sajak Hilariously Announces His New Netflix Series, Save for One Major Issue

by John Jamison

Longtime “Wheel of Fortune” host Pat Sajak is an icon as a result of his near 40 years on the show. With that kind of status comes all sorts of entertainment opportunities. Iconic “Price is Right” host Bob Barker made a legendary appearance in “Happy Gilmore.” Steve Harvey had “The Steve Harvey Show” long before “Family Feud” came along. And now, it’s Pat Sajak’s turn to star in an original Netflix series.

The only catch is Netflix has no idea they’re about to make a Pat Sajak-led series. The good news is that means the “Wheel of Fortune” host has some time to work on his pitch.

Pat Sajak may be onto something here. It’s not crazy to think that a streaming service as big as Netflix might take notice of a tweet like this. At least, coming from someone like Sajak, who has hosted more than 7,200 episodes of “Wheel of Fortune.”

Why not make him the center of a new show? He’s certainly a familiar enough face. And no one is saying he has to act. Maybe the new series is documentary-style, or even an entirely new game show concept. Perhaps they throw it back to his days as host of “The Pat Sajak Show,” when he tried his hand at becoming America’s next late-night talk show host.

Though “The Pat Sajak Show” was short-lived, lasting only a single season, it was a tough prospect from the beginning. The “Wheel of Fortune” host needed to compete with Johnny Carson and a young David Letterman. Together, those two personalities proved too popular to overcome.

But hey, now that Conan O’Brien is leaving late-night network TV behind to head into the streaming space, maybe there’s some room for Sajak to join the party as well.

‘Wheel of Fortune’ Fans React to Pat Sajak’s Comedy

Pat Sajak has been known to crack a joke or two on his Twitter account. And his fans have grown to appreciate his humor. Needless to say, when he suggested a new Netflix series, Twitter users jumped in with praise and ideas of their own.

“Pat. Why are you so funny? You’ve been around since I can remember. I had no idea you were this funny,” a pleasantly surprised Twitter user wrote. Though, the comment was a bit of a backhanded compliment. The “Wheel of Fortune” host has been around for a long time, but the reminder seemed a little unnecessary.

“Wheel of Fortune – After Dark,” another user suggested as an idea for a Netflix series. And… yes. Not sure exactly what the “after dark” portion would entail, but throwing an adult spin onto an iconic game show seems promising.

Coincidentally, “Wheel of Fortune” itself was actually removed from Netflix Saturday.