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‘Wheel of Fortune’: Pat Sajak Hilariously Messes With Contestant About ‘Ripping’ Show’s Set Apart

by John Jamison
(Photo by Gerardo Mora/Getty Images)

Don had the most infectious laugh of any “Wheel of Fortune” contestant on record. He couldn’t stop smiling in his recent appearance on the show. And Pat Sajak put it best when he told him, “Don if we were neighbors I think we’d be spending a lot of time together.” The show posted a compilation of Don’s best moments from his episode to Instagram.

It began when Don nearly ripped the buzzer clear out of the podium. Sajak loved his energy and gave him a jokingly hard time for the rest of the episode. And the contestant couldn’t have been having a better time.

“I was very impressed by the way you did that,” the longtime “Wheel of Fortune” host said, doing an impression of Don’s arm movements. “Did you pull anything out by its roots?”

Don was more entertained than the audience was, and he had the laugh to prove it. Turns out, the jovial contestant is from Culver City, California, the very same place where “Wheel of Fortune” regularly tapes its episodes. He’s a compensation analyst at UCLA, he loves taking pictures of wild buffalo, and you can find him at the beach.

“You can find me at the beach riding my bicycle— it’s an electric bicycle —stay off the boardwalk and you’ll be safe,” Don told Pat.

“Okay, good. I have an e-rocking chair. You should try it sometime,” Pat joked back.

Don Rips ‘Wheel of Fortune’ Set Apart

“Don’t go over the railing there. Stop wandering around. You’re doing very well,” Sajak continued ribbing.

And he wasn’t wrong. Don was playing well, finishing his round $11,400 in winnings. But remember earlier in the episode when Don almost tore the buzzer cord out of the podium?

After he solved a puzzle, Pat Sajak asked Don, “You alright?”

To which the easygoing contestant responded, “Yes, I don’t know about the red button,” referring to his buzzer.

“That’s alright. You’re just ripping our set to shreds here,” Sajak quipped, earning another laugh from Don and the audience alike.

While his $11,400 was the lowest amount earned of all the contestants when the round came to an end, Don had an experience that he won’t soon forget. And neither will we. Plus, that amount of money buys him a brand new electric bike if he wants one.

Keep laughing, Don.