‘Wheel of Fortune’: Pat Sajak Hilariously Revealed What Vanna White Did Between Rounds in 2011 Interview

by John Jamison

Pat Sajak and Vanna White have been working together for 38 years. That’s more than enough time for the iconic “Wheel of Fortune” hosts to pick up on a few of each other’s “strange habits.” So what is Vanna doing when she scurries backstage between rounds? According to Pat, she’s eating.


Pat Sajak didn’t hold back in his 2011 interview with the Archive of American Television. The veteran “Wheel of Fortune” cohosts sat beside each other as they laughed about the time they’ve spent on the show.

Pat launched into one of his favorite “Wheel of Fortune” stories about his coworker.

He said, “Vanna had this strange habit. Well, she has lots of strange habits. But one of them was she ate a lot between rounds. Whenever they’d stop a tape she’d scurry behind the puzzle board and you’d go back there and she was grazing among these plates of stuff and chips and cheeses.”

All Vanna could do was laugh and nod in agreement. The good news is, she seemed completely unashamed. Proud, even, of her snacking exploits.

Pat continued, “A couple of times I would bring out trays of this stuff on the show and show people what this slight little woman is doing here and I think I’ve embarrassed you. Now I notice you have health food back there.”

“I’ve changed. I’ve changed. You’ve changed me,” Vanna responded.

The hilarity continued as Pat recalled how Vanna would cut chocolate bars up into pieces. He claimed that the whole scene “looked like a slasher had gotten to our chocolates.”

“Wheel of Fortune” Host Pat Sajak Says Vanna White Drives Him Crazy By Doing This

Pat lets us in on the fact that both of the hosts hate taking pictures on set. But by all appearances, Vanna is having the time of her life.

Why? Because through her clenched teeth she’s saying things like “I hate this” or “Can’t you do something about this?”

“She sends me to complain,” says Sajak, “so that people will think I’m the jerk while she stands there and smiles.”

10 years have passed since the two “Wheel of Fortune” hosts sat down to do this interview in 2011 and they’re still working together. So clearly, Vanna White making Pat Sajak out to be the bad guy hasn’t driven him completely up a wall yet.

If time is any indication, the two will be able to work out any differences they may have as they work on “Wheel of Fortune” together. Hilarious or otherwise.