‘Wheel of Fortune’ Star Pat Sajak Hilariously Says He’s an ‘Influencer’ Now, Recommends ‘Chopped Clams’

by John Jamison

“Wheel of Fortune” icon Pat Sajak is adding another title to his resume. At 74 years young, the longtime game show host is taking full advantage of his platform. He’s going full-on social media influencer mode. What kinds of marketing is he doing, you may ask? Well, he’s promoting one of his favorite snacks.

That’s all well and good. But it just so happens that Pat Sajak’s favorite casual snack happens to be canned chopped clams. It’s not necessarily the sexiest of products a social media influencer could promote. Chopped clams are a far cry from fitness clothing or subscription-based wine service, after all. That doesn’t mean people don’t go crazy for them, though.

In fact, “Wheel of Fortune” host Pat Sajak could likely get behind any product whatsoever and get a little traction for it. At least in the case of the clams, many of Sajak’s followers were, surprisingly, very familiar with the canned chopped clams in clam juice already.

“Drain and sauté in EVOO, garlic and a little parsley and red pepper flakes at the end. Pour over al dente linguine,” one Twitter user replied, sharing a quick recipe for a pasta dish. And it honestly sounds pretty delicious.

“Best, IMHO, as an “enhancer” in a great old-fashioned sour-cream based onion dip – or a (Philly) cream cheese/ horseradish dip. Just drain & add-in to your 12 ounces a dip! And, love your newest role as an “influencer!” You & Vanna are the best!” Another added, offering all-around uses for Pat Sajak the influencer’s favorite product.

Of course, for all we know, the “Wheel of Fortune” legend very well may prefer to eat these bad boys straight from the can. No judgment here. To each their own.

Vanna White: the True ‘Wheel of Fortune’ Influencer

While Pat Sajak is new to his role as social media influencer, his co-host Vanna White has been held that title from the time she started working on “Wheel of Fortune.”

Of course, there was no social media aspect back then. But Vanna White was a sensation at one point in her career and was swimming in endorsement deals. These days, however, she has accomplished what many budding influencers aspire to. Vanna has her own line of a company’s product.

For years, the “Wheel of Fortune” star has been the face of Lion Brand’s yarn. As “America’s favorite crocheter,” she brought tons of publicity not only to the product but to the hobby itself. Vanna’s Choice is “easy-care, silky-soft premium basic” yarns.

Between the chopped clams of Pat Sajak and the yarns of Vanna White, the two longtime “Wheel of Fortune” co-stars have hit some pretty niche markets. We’ll have to wait and see where Pat Sajak takes his newfound role next.