‘Wheel of Fortune’: Pat Sajak Shows Off His Inner Millennial ‘Hip Lingo’ in Hilarious Clip

by Quentin Blount

Wheel of Fortune host Pat Sajak is doing his best to relate to all of the younger generations out there.

One of the puzzles on a recent episode of Wheel of Fortune episode asked “What are you doing? And on the board, it read: “SCROLLING THRO_GH _ICS.” Depending on your age, this could either be really easy to figure out or maybe a little bit of a stumper. What do you think the answer is?

Well lucky enough, the official Wheel of Fortune Twitter account made sure to post a video of the recent exchange.

“Scrolling through pics!” one contestant shouts.

The longtime Wheel of Fortune hosts quickly responds with a, “Yes, that’s it!” before the camera zooms in on him. “You see, pics is short for pictures, obvs!” he says.

So not only does the 74-year-old know the hip lingo for “pictures” he also knows the hip lingo for “obviously!” Talk about a man of the ages.

“Pat knows all the hip lingo!” Wheel of Fortune wrote alongside a video clip. Check it out below!

Wheel of Fortune Host Can’t Hold Back Laughter After Contestant Missed Easy Puzzle

While not everyone can channel their inner millennial to solve puzzles like the one above, some of the show’s puzzles aren’t always that hard. In fact, one easy puzzle that a contestant missed still throw Pat Sajak and Vanna white into a laughing fit.

“We had a guy once… The puzzle was “Styrofoam Cup,” Pat says with a smile while explaining how the incident began. “Don’t ask me why this was funny…”

“Styrofoam was pretty much spelled out, and everyone knew that’s what it was. But there were three blank letters on the bottom,” he continues. “And the guy said ‘I’ll solve the puzzle!’… And he said ‘Styrofoam Hat’…”

At this point in the interview, Vanna White knows exactly what memory Sajak is referring to. And she starts laughing at what happened as well.

“And for some reason, the word ‘hat’… It took me twenty minutes to regain my composure! I don’t know why!” he laughs alongside his co-host, White.

“I don’t know why, but ‘Styrofoam Hat’? Of all the things you could make with styrofoam!”

“That one got you,” White smiles.

“Hat’s a funny word!” Sajak says in reply.

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