‘Celebrity Wheel of Fortune’: Pat Sajak Interrupts a ‘Moment’ Between Vanna White and Anthony Michael Hall

by Megan Molseed
Getty Images

What happens when a 1980s film icon visits the Celebrity Wheel of Fortune set and meets iconic game show host, Vanna White? The two stars have a moment, that’s what!

The Celebrity Wheel of Fortune Instagram page shared a hilarious video clip this weekend showing contestant Anthony Michal Hall and Wheel star, Vanna White in a moment of mutual adoration.

In the clip, Pat Sajak jokes that the two need to cut their “moment” short because the contestants have a puzzle to solve.

“Will #CelebrityWheelOfFortune be full of 🧡s or horrors?” asks the Saturday evening Instagram post. “Tune in tomorrow to find out… “

In the hilarious Insta video, Anthony Michael Hall speaks to Vanna White during introductions.

“I just wanna say, Vanna,” says the longtime actor as the clip begins. “I’m a huge fan since I was a kid. Great to meet you.”

“Thank you,” says Vanna White in response. “I’m a big fan of yours, too!”

“Wow,” Pat Sajak interjects, joking that Hall and Vanna are spending valuable puzzle time as they have their Celebrity Wheel of Fortune moment.

“I hate to interrupt this moment,” the game show host continues. “But, we’re gonna play another puzzle.”

‘Celebrity Wheel of Fortune’ Contestants ‘Feel’ the Moment

Of course, some of Anthony Michael Hall’s Celebrity Wheel of Fortune competitors had to get into the fun.

“I feel something,” teases one competitor, former Sex and the City star, Mario Cantone.

Then, the other Celebrity Wheel competitor, Loni Love stepped in, of course, teasing the duo as well.

“I feel something,” Love says in the clip, agreeing with both Sajak and Cantone.

“What is happening,” the comedian adds.

Of course, this isn’t the only adoration Anthony Michael Hall has encountered as Celebrity Wheel of Fortune gears up for its newest episode which is set to premiere on Sunday evening.

Nor was it the only time that the actor had a “moment” with one of the iconic game show’s hosts.

We All Love Anthony Michael Hall

On Friday evening, the hit game show shared a clip of Anthony Michael Hall reminiscing about some of the iconic movie roles the actor has had over the years.

“You love Anthony Michael Hall, too?” asked the Friday night Twitter post. “Well join the club!”

In the October 29 clip, Pat Sajak introduces Hall mentioning the impact he had on the 1980s film culture.

“You did those movies that are touchstones for all of us,” Pat Sajak says to Hall in the clip.

Sajak then asks the iconic 1980s star to name some of the films for which he is so well known.

“Back in the eighties I started out with Sixteen Candles,” responds Anthony Michael Hall, adding that he also starred in the Breakfast Club and Weird Science.

The post then goes on to note that Anthony Michael Hall will be playing to win cash for the Save the Children Charity.

The newest episode of Celebrity Wheel of Fortune will air at 8 p.m. Eastern Standard time.