‘Wheel of Fortune’ Host Pat Sajak Says ‘It Happened Again’ in Hilarious Tweet

by Caitlin Berard

We can only hope to still have a romantic spark in our lives in our golden years. For 75-year-old Pat Sajak, that hope has…not become reality. Well, we can’t truly know for sure, but based on his most recent tweet, it would seem that his wife of 33 years, Lesly Brown, isn’t anxious to see the game show host sans-clothing.

Earlier this evening, the iconic Wheel of Fortune host posted, “Well, it happened again this morning. I stepped out of the shower and caught my wife dressing me with her eyes”. We all know what “undressing someone with your eyes” means, and apparently, Sajak’s wife was doing the opposite.

True story or not, fans expressed their amusement in the comments. One fan replied, “Next time you should ask, ‘Can I buy a towel?'” Another said, “There should be statues of this man in every town in America.”

Pat Sajak Displays Sense of Humor in Another Legendary Tweet

We would say “poor Pat,” but the chances that the shower tweet is a joke are fairly high considering Sajak regularly takes to Twitter to remind fans of his wonderful sense of humor. Although his account has just over 200 tweets (an extremely small number compared to most users), almost every one includes a wisecrack.

In another absolutely legendary tweet, Pat Sajak discussed his future plans. In fact, he went about as far into the future of his life as one can go: planning his tombstone. The post reads, “Not to be morbid, but I just designed my tombstone. It’ll read: R_P. I’d like to buy a vowel.”

Though nearing his 80s, the Wheel of Fortune host remains as sharp as ever. Scrolling a little further down his post history, you’ll find gems such as: “Don’t be afraid to shoot for the stars. Even if you fall short, you could make it to the moon! Sadly, the nature of its atmosphere would kill you almost instantly. Have a nice day, anyway.” and “So it turns out that boneless chicken wings aren’t actually wings at all; they’re just cut-up pieces of white meat. I don’t think I can take many more of these psychological body blows.”

If you’re looking for a more light-hearted Twitter follow to give you a smile in between all the doom scrolling, Pat Sajak is your man.