‘Wheel of Fortune’: Pat Sajak Jokes Hilarious Contestant Needs ‘Her Own Sitcom’

by Keeli Parkey

Not only did she win a trip to a tropical destination, “Wheel of Fortune” contestant Denice left her mark on the show in other ways.

Frankly, she kept host Pat Sajak entertained throughout her episode. She was so good in fact, that Sajak made a case for her to have a show of her own.

The official Instagram account of the popular game show shared a brief clip from Denice’s episode. It begins with her solving the puzzle with the solution, “Absolutely Spectacular.” She states the solution with confidence and sass – just like you should if you want to leave your mark on the show.

Denice’s style draws a laugh from Sajak and applause from co-host Vanna White and the studio audience. Sajak then shares his thoughts about what the future should hold for Denice.

“First of all, if you don’t get your own sitcom, there’s no justice in the world,” he said. Denice clearly thinks this is a great idea. And she should!

Sajak then shares some great news with the popular contestant.

“… you’re going to St. Lucia!” he adds.

Denice is thrilled. “Oh! You better go, whoa!” she excitedly exclaims.

You can watch the clip of Denice impressing Pat Sajak – and pretty much everyone else – on “Wheel of Fortune” below. Accompanying the clip was the caption: “

‘Wheel of Fortune’ Host Pat Sajak Wasn’t the Only Fan of Contestant Denice

“Wheel of Fortune” host Pat Sajak wasn’t the only person Denice impressed with her appearance on the popular game show. Fans of the show also fell in love with the spunky and hilarious contestant. And, they chose to share their love by commenting on the show’s Instagram post.

“Yes she was absolutely spectacular,” one clever fan shared.

“Loads of personality! Loved her!” another posted to Instagram.

One fan completely agreed with Pat Sajak about what the future should hold for Denice: “Denise (sic) was a HOOT!! She needs her own show!”

“Give Denise her own show. Best contestant I’ve ever seen. Bring her back on I loved her,” still another Instagram user shared.

Another fan said: “I adore this lady…she is likeable, honest and completely natural.” Those qualities would definitely make for a great host sitcom.

If television executives were watching – or reading – Pat Sajak and “Wheel of Fortune” fans have spoken: Give Denice a chance to share her joy and laughter with television audiences on a regular basis!