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‘Wheel of Fortune’: Pat Sajak Once Revealed Why He Has the ‘Softest Job in All Entertainment-Dom’

by Josh Lanier
(Photo by Gerardo Mora/Getty Images)

Pat Sajak said he realizes he has it good on Wheel of Fortune. In fact, he joked if he had to work a real schedule he’d have “taken hostages” by now.

Sajak opened up about his life to the Chicago Tribune in 2005 where he explained what it’s like to host a popular, syndicated game show. And it sounds great.

“This has never exactly been heavy lifting,” Sajak cheerfully told the newspaper. “… I’d like to make it sound tougher than it is, but to be honest with you, this may be the softest job in all of entertainment-dom.”

Wheel of Fortune’s shooting schedule is one week on and then three weeks off. Sounds pretty great.

“… With this show, we’ll do 15 shows here and then take three weeks off,” he said. “If I had to come in and do this every day for 21 years, I’d probably be taking hostages by now.”

Sajak joked that he’s never really had it very difficult. Before he hosted Wheel of Fortune, he was a weatherman in Southern California. A place, he joked, “where there is no weather.”

But to be fair to Sajak, most game shows have this type of filming schedule. They batch film multiple episodes over the course of a few days or a week that can air for weeks to come. Jeopardy! shoots on a similar schedule, for example.

Easy or Not, When Will Pat Sajak Retire?

Pat Sajak, 74, has hosted Wheel of Fortune for a very long time. He has the Guinness World Record for game shows hosted. So, a lot of people wonder when he plans to retire.

He’s given a few answers to this over the years. He told Good Morning America that he had “a couple of years” left at the show in 2019.

But earlier this year, he promised he would finish out 2021.

He and co-host Vanna White told Access Hollywood that they would “probably walk off into the sunset at the same time.”

Though, White, 64, made clear that it wouldn’t be “anytime soon.”

Sajak added that it wouldn’t be this calendar year.

It’s unclear how much longer he plans to host the Wheel of Fortune, but it seems impossible to imagine the show without him.