‘Wheel of Fortune’ Star Pat Sajak Once Ran Legendary Disney World Ride

by Evan Reier

Being one of the longest-running game show hosts has its perks. Wheel of Fortune star Pat Sajak has learned this firsthand.

With around 38 years at the helm of the show, it’s opened up quite a few doors. It helps that Sajak has built a charismatic reputation of being an all-around likable guy. Fame plus likability is a formula for good things, and that has led Sajak all over the world. It even led him to another “world,” albeit that one exists only in Orlando.

Wheel of Fortune has famously held tapings at Disney World and Disneyland over the years. It’s where Vanna White first hosted the show while Sajak recovered from emergency surgery on his intestine. Additionally, the prizes of trips to Disney World, Disneyland or Hawaii are a famous aspect of the tapings.

So, in a backstage interview in 2017, Sajak and White were interviewed about their visits over the years. One reporter asked Sajak and White a question any Disney fan would love: What cast member or job would you want in the park?

Little to the knowledge of the question-asker, Sajak had just gotten to take on that role.

“I did fill the shoes of a cast member,” Sajak said. “Yesterday? Was it yesterday or the day before? I put on my uniform, put on my tag, ‘Pat from Chicago,’ and I ran the jungle cruise.”

Imagine getting on one of those iconic boats and seeing Pat Sajak running the show. Talk about a jaw-dropping turn of events.

Wheel of Fortune Stars Vanna White and Pat Sajak Talk More Disney

Unfortunately for Vanna White, she revealed she missed out on the once-in-a-lifetime ride.

“And I didn’t get to see that,” White said. “I would’ve love to seen that.”

In the interview seen above, a person off-camera pipes up to say that Sajak was “amazing.” I’ll just go ahead and say I’m not shocked to hear Sajak took on a role like that with ease.

Sajak then opened up more about the unique experience.

“It was fun,” Sajak said. “We took a drive around to look at everything and then I looked at the approved script that the guys and gals use and I maybe ad-libbed a little. I stayed within the guidelines, the family guidelines of Disney.”

So, how coordinated was the Wheel of Fortune star’s ride through the jungle? The answer is less than you’d think.

“The deal was that the people who came on the boat didn’t know it was me,” Sajak also explained. “They just knew we were shooting, then we turned around and said, ‘I’m your guide,’ and then we took them through.”

There hadn’t been a jungle cruise like it, and there will likely never be one again.