‘Wheel of Fortune’: Pat Sajak Reveals What He and Vanna White Talk About with Contestants During Credits

by Quentin Blount

Ever wondered about what kind of conversations happen after the credits roll on an episode of Wheel of Fortune? We now have an answer.

On Monday afternoon, the official Wheel of Fortune Instagram account posted a quick video to their story of Pat Sajak answering questions from fans. One of those questions was about what Pat and Vanna talk about with the contestants after the bonus round during the end credits.

Pat and Maggie Sajak Answer Fan Questions

Sajak’s daughter, Maggie, was on hand to read the fan mail while Pat provided the answers. Fans might recall that while Pat Sajak was recovering from surgery last year, Vanna White took over the hosting duties on Wheel of Fortune. And Maggie Sajak took White’s spot on stage as the letter-turner.

“We have another good question,” Maggie says. “What do Pat and Vanna talk about with the contestants while the credits are rolling?”

The 74-year-old game show host says that once the show is over, he and Vanna make “small talk” with the winner and other contestants.

“I will tell you that it is essentially small talk,” Sajak confirms. “Sometimes, if someone mentions that they have kids, we’ll talk about how old are your kids, what do they like to do, and all of that.”

However, the conversations are limited to just small talk. Sajak and White will also talk to the contestants about different moments of the game. And they will talk to the winner about how well they played.

“If something interesting happened during the game, maybe we’ll make reference to it,” Sajak continues. “But, it’s funny because they will often turn to us during that and say, ‘I was wondering what you talked about.’ And so, yeah, there’s no agenda. They’re all nice people and they’re just relieved that it’s over. And, of course, the person we are talking to won, so, we talk about that too and how well they played. But it’s really just small talk.”

Maggie Sajak on ‘Wheel of Fortune’

Maggie Sajak is certainly no stranger to the Wheel of Fortune family. She Pat Sajak’s only daughter, and his youngest child. Pat Sajak is also a father to his 30-year-old son, Patrick Michael James Sajak. Maggie is 26.

As you could have probably imagined, Maggie’s first time of the set of Wheel of Fortune came at a very young age. In fact, she was just one year old. And nearly 25 years later, she was assuming the puzzle board duties in place of the iconic Vanna White while she hosted the show in Sajak’s absence. Nowadays, she is officially listed as the Wheel of Fortune online media correspondent.

Maggie Sajak is a graduate of Princeton University, and she completed her postgraduate studies at Columbia University. She is currently attending law school.