‘Wheel of Fortune’ Host Pat Sajak Is ‘Running Out of Words’ After Third Contestant Wins $100,000

by Megan Molseed

After decades on the air, one could assume that all the Wheel of Fortune records have been broken. But, as a trio of recent contestants on the popular game show have shown us this week, this is not the case. Or, rather, this wasn’t the case until recently when not one; not two; but three back-to-back-to-back Wheel of Fortune contestants score the impressive $100,000 prize. And, the longtime host of the popular game show, Pat Sajak is running out of words to describe the amazing wins.

“WOW! So, history was made on @WheelOfFortune tonight…AGAIN!!!” exclaims Wheel of Fortune media correspondent Maggie Sajak in a Wednesday night Tweet.

The February 9 tweet also includes a quick interview between Maggie Sajak and her father, longtime Wheel of Fortune host, Pat Sajak.

Running Out Of Words

“Wow, three in a row,” Maggie Sajak says to her father in the clip. “That is absolutely amazing.”

“I’m running out of words to describe my reactions,” quips the Wheel of Fortune host in response.

“Stunned, surprised, I don’t know,” the host continues. “It’s all inadequate.”

Maggie Sajak goes on to ask her father if he thinks the popular game show will see yet another $100,000 winner tomorrow, keeping the streak alive.

“That would be virtually impossible,” Pat Sajak says in the interview.

“You mean like…three in a row was virtually impossible?” Maggie Sajak asks the game show host.

“I see what you mean,” Pat Sajak jokingly responds.

‘Wheel of Fortune’ Contestants Hit the Jackpot Three Times In a Row

The popular game show set a new record on Wednesday, February 9 when the third contestant scored the top prize of $100,000. Bree Yokouchi pulled the grand prize envelope while she competed in the Wheel of Fortune bonus round. With the impressive bonus round win, Yokouchi took home a total of $121,638 in cash and Wheel of Fortune prizes. The lucky contestant even scored a trip to St. Lucia during her impressive turn at the iconic game show wheel.

“I was just excited to be here this morning,” Bree Yokouchi said in a statement following the impressive Wheel of Fortune win.

“But to be the third $100,000 winner in a row is just amazing!” the Wheel of Fortune winner adds.

Bree Yokouchi’s victory follows two nights in a row where the game show saw contestants bringing in the big prize during the game show’s bonus round. On Monday, Wheel of Fortune contestant Lisa Kramer pulled the lucky prize card to win $100,000. Then, on Tuesday, Wheel contestant Mark Baer did the same thing, taking home a total winning amount of $126,550.