‘Wheel of Fortune’: Pat Sajak Specified What Contestants Need to Possess to Get on Show

by John Jamison

Sorry, introverts. Pat Sajak says you’re not really what “Wheel of Fortune” is looking for in terms of its contestants. But if your ultimate dream is to spin that wheel in front of Vanna and Pat, you may as well audition anyway. Apparently, the process is pretty fun.

In 2019, the “Wheel of Fortune” crew flew out to Florida for a little break from the routine Los Angeles tapings. They visited multiple cities, and Pat was asked about what it takes to be a contestant on the show.

“You want someone who could be outgoing and is not afraid to talk in front of people,” he said. “The best advice is to be yourself. It’s fun. Even if you don’t make it on the show, it’s a fun experience trying out.”

Does that sound like you? If so, there may be a stack of cash and a trip to somewhere tropical in your future. All you have to do is play some hangman and get a little lucky with the wheel.

Oh, and never forget about the game show tax. The government is going to take nearly 40% of whatever you win. So keep that in mind before you start planning any big purchases.

Take a Ride on The ‘Wheel of Fortune’ Wheelmobile

It’s big. It’s yellow. And it’s… parked in a studio garage somewhere because “Wheel of Fortune” isn’t doing in-person auditions during a pandemic. Not to worry. You can do a virtual audition if you feel so inclined.

But the 36-foot long, neon yellow “Wheel of Fortune” bus is how the show traditionally auditioned aspiring contestants.

According to the show’s website, the Wheelmobile gets 8-10 miles per gallon, the tank can hold up to 90 gallons of fuel, and the vehicle has traveled over 400,000 miles. If those stats aren’t impressive enough, the bus has visited over 350 cities.

The “Wheel of Fortune” Instagram account posted a video in 2018 that takes you behind the scenes of the Wheelmobile auditioning process. Who knows when the bus will hit the road again, but whenever it does, don’t say we didn’t prepare you.