‘Wheel of Fortune’: Pat Sajak Is ‘Still Working On’ Learning to Snap Like Vanna White After 38 Years

by John Jamison

Pat Sajak and Vanna White have been sharing a stage for close to 40 years. And after all this time, they’re still learning from one another. After a recent game of “Wheel of Fortune,” the longtime co-hosts shared an endearing moment before the credits rolled.

Now, it’s no secret that a significant portion of the human population cannot snap their fingers. If this includes you, don’t worry. First of all, it’s not going to take anything away from your quality of life. Second, science says that as long as you have a thumb and middle finger, anyone is capable of learning how to do it.

Apparently, “Wheel of Fortune” icon Pat Sajak falls in the non-snapping camp. In a video clip posted by the show’s Twitter account, he pointed out how great Vanna White is at the unassuming talent. In fairness, she does put a flair on her snap, giving it a style that’s hard to label. What we do know is that Pat is slightly envious of the skill.

The pair were discussing how the previous game went. And when they mentioned the failure of a contestant to win the million dollars, Vanna expressed her dissatisfaction with a snap, as if to say, “darn.”

“See no one does that the way you do. Do that again,” Sajak said. “38 years and she’s mastered this. I’m still working on this. We’ll see you next time.”

Keep working on it, Pat. You’ll get there eventually.

The ‘Wheel of Fortune’ Co-hosts Have a Relationship You Can’t Buy

Pat Sajak and Vanna white are like peanut butter and jelly, salt and pepper, ketchup and… hot dogs? Diehards fans will know that the only fight the two of them ever had was about the proper condiment that one should apply to a hot dog.

Pat Sajak maintained that the only proper way to eat a frank is with mustard. This follows as the longtime “Wheel of Fortune” host is a Chicago native. And a word of advice, if ever in the Windy City, avoid asking for ketchup with your hot dog at all costs. They do not take it lightly.

But frankfurter beef aside, the pair are virtually inseparable. In a January interview Vanna did on “The Drew Barrymore Show,” she talked about the relationship she shares with Pat.

“He’s my buddy. He my buddy. It’s so funny. He’s like my work husband, I guess you would say,” she told Drew.

The work couple is setting an example for co-workers everywhere. Of course, the success of their show probably goes a long way in helping things along. But still, the “Wheel of Fortune” duo is one for the ages.