‘Wheel of Fortune’: Pat Sajak Detailed Hilarious Story of Vanna White Sticking Fingers Up His Nose as Show Began

by Will Shepard

Pat Sajak and Vanna White have been hosting Wheel of Fortune for almost four decades. Their chemistry together is off the charts. And the stories they have together are amazing.

One time, many years ago, there was a famously hilarious incident that occurred at the beginning of one of the Wheel of Fortune shows. During it, it appeared that White stuck her fingers up her co-host’s nose. For those watching it live, it was hilarious. It also makes for an excellent clip worth watching many years later.

Nonetheless, in an interview from 2011, the two Wheel of Fortune hosts explain the situation. During it, they are both cracking up recounting the story.

“She has a very good audience,” Sajak explained. “I can’t tell that either.” But, thankfully, his Wheel of Fortune co-host urges him to tell it. So, he explained the hilarious incident.

“So we’re backstage, and we’re getting ready to walk out,” Sajak and White laugh as he tells the story. At this point, White jumped into the story. “You’re not going to say that,” she blurted out between laughs. But, Sajak says that is “their problem, they can do whatever they want with it.”

Nonetheless, he continued to explain the comical story. “Literally, Charlie is saying, ‘Now here they are, the stars of the show…’ Now Vanna, innocently, puts two fingers in front of my nose and says, ‘smell this.'” He holds up two fingers as an explanation of her actions.

“This is as I’m going out, my co-host is saying smell this. And for some reason, it took a long time to figure out. It turns out that she had touched some food or something. But it was just an odd way to go out ‘here smell this.’ No, you smell this, babe,” Sajak joked.

No matter what, it got the Wheel of Fortune host to break into laughter. And as Vanna White says, it is a rare phenomenon that she can get him to laugh.

Pat Sajak Told a Hilarious Story of “Wheel of Fortune” Co-Host Faking It to Get Her Job

The nose incident is far from the only hilarious thing to come from Wheel of Fortune. In fact, Sajak likes to poke fun of his co-host often.

Vanna White is an invaluable part of Wheel of Fortune, but that doesn’t stop Sajak from making fun of her every so often. It just goes to show how amazing their chemistry is together.

In a 2003 interview with LAVA 105.3 radio station, he told another hilarious story of his co-host.

“I’m going to tell you something that not many people know, and I’m going to rat on her a little bit. But a lot of them are fake claps,” Sajak said. “She does this. Show them.”

The Wheel of Fortune host says that Vanna White has to fake clap on the show. This is because the cover girl is supposed to be silent in her position.

“That’s a clap? That’s not a clap,” joked Sajak. But, in response, White then made a point to clap very loudy. “That’s a clap,” White said.

But, again, Sajak makes fun of White, saying, “She doesn’t do that. She’s like…” He mimics her by opening his mouth in a big smile and does a noiseless clap.

Both of them start to laugh at this. The Wheel of Fortune co-host then explained why she does the fake cheer as well.

“See, I have to keep my hands soft,” White said as she rubbed her hands together.

“Otherwise, you know, she would have no fingers left,” laughed Sajak