‘Wheel of Fortune’ Host Pat Sajak Thinks His ‘Supply Chain’ Is Being Pulled

by Quentin Blount

Pat Sajak has been charming all of us on Wheel of Fortune for decades. When he isn’t doing that, you can usually find him cracking jokes on social media. He was doing that once again on Monday afternoon.

Have you ever heard the old saying, “Pulling my chain?” Well, Wheel of Fortune host Pat Sajak is taking that popular phrase to a whole new level. He’s using it to describe the supply chain issues that have been affecting Americans during the COVID-19 pandemic over the last couple of years. Check out his latest tweet down below:

Can we just all agree that Pat Sajak is one of the best follows on social media? If you don’t already follow the Wheel of Fortune host’s official Twitter or Instagram account, we highly encourage you to. You’d be hard-pressed to find a funnier celebrity out there.

It turns out that some of Sajak’s many fans have jokes as well. Others are just here to enjoy his unique brand humor.

“Your wedges are just fine,” one fan replied. “It’s Vanna’s wardrobe I’m concerned about.”

“No one understands your humor or sarcasm, Pat,” said another user. “It always makes my day.”

Meanwhile, other people credited the longtime game show host for his impressive dad jokes. They chimed in with replies such as “Dad-tier humor. Incredible” and “Dad joke alert!”

‘Wheel of Fortune’ Host Has Joked About Supply Chain Issues on the Show

Did you think that this was the first time that Wheel of Fortune host Pat Sajak has joked about supply chain issues? It most definitely is not — as a matter of fact, he once joked that the show might start limiting the letters that contestants can choose.

“Due to supply chain issues, Wheel of Fortune players will be limited to three vowel purchases per show until further notice.”

As far as Wheel of Fortune goes, though, Pat Sajak was just kidding around about the hilarious “rule Change.” If you are a longtime fan of the game show, then you know that the only time vowels are limited is when a contestant doesn’t have enough cash to purchase one.

Thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, the last couple of years have tested us in more ways than one. One of the biggest tests all across the world has been supply chain issues. Shoppers from everywhere have had to adjust to high-demand items being in short supply. And although Sajak was just kidding here, there’s no doubt that Wheel of Fortune has been affected as well by supply chain issues and other disruptions brought about thanks to the pandemic.

But that won’t stop Sajak from making jokes about it.