‘Wheel of Fortune’: Pat Sajak and Vanna White Send Adorable Mother’s Day Message in New Video

by Jennifer Shea

“Wheel of Fortune” has a puzzle for its fans: How will Pat Sajak’s wife make it through Mother’s Day brunch?

“Pat & Vanna wish you a happy #MothersDay weekend!” the official “Wheel of Fortune” Twitter account posted Friday. Moreover, along with the tweet, it included a short video clip.

In the clip, co-hosts Sajak and Vanna White chat about their respective Mother’s Day plans.

“So, Mother’s Day Sunday, with the grown kids, no one to bring you breakfast in bed?” Sajak began.

“No,” White sighed.

“Well, I’m sorry, you’ll have to make do,” Sajak said. Then, “I’m gonna take my wife breakfast in bed…”

“Nice!” White responded.

“I hope she like beef jerky ‘cause that’s what I, that’s my specialty,” Sajak added.

‘Wheel of Fortune’ Co-Hosts Have Adult Children

Both Sajak and White have grown children. Sajak is married to Lesly Brown, a former model turned photographer who sometimes appears on “Wheel of Fortune.” They have two children, Maggie, 26, and Patrick, 30.

As for White, she was married to George Santo Pietro, a restaurant owner who she divorced in 2002. They also have two children: Nikko, 26, and Gigi, 23. White has since gotten together with contractor John Donaldson, according to Closer Weekly. But she remains very tight with her kids.

“We’re faced with a lot of positives and negatives, and we have to accept them and do whatever we can to get through it,” White told Closer Weekly in November 2018. “It’s like if you break an arm — it takes time, but it does heal. Life is not perfect — just try to make the best of it. Be strong, be kind to people and be happy.”

White Nearly Lost an Eye on a Recent Show

Meanwhile, “Wheel of Fortune” is not without its occupational hazards. And one of them is flying clumps of confetti that could take your eye out. Just ask White.

On a recent episode of “Wheel of Fortune,” White was walking across the stage as Laura Trammell, a teacher from Mission Viejo, California, became the first contestant ever to win a house on “Wheel of Fortune.” Then confetti erupted all over the stage in honor of Trammell’s win.

Unfortunately for White, some of the confetti struck her in the head as she was walking around. When they got back from the commercial break, Sajak filled viewers in on what had happened.

“I have to tell you that, when you won, Vanna was running across the stage, and the confetti came out, [and she] got whacked in the head by a clump of confetti,” Sajak said.

“Thank goodness it wasn’t my eye,” White added.

But it’s all in a day’s work for White. The game show co-host has been turning letters on “Wheel of Fortune” since 1983.