‘Wheel of Fortune’: Pat Sajak, Vanna White Talk Italy Vacations, Show Asks Fans What They’d Do in New Post

by John Jamison

Is it time? Do we dare think about taking a vacation abroad? “Wheel of Fortune” seems to think we’re ready. They posted a video clip on Instagram of Vanna White and Pat Sajak talking about vacations at the end of a recent episode.

And “Wheel of Fortune” hasn’t just been thinking about it. The long-running game show continues to offer far-reaching vacations as prizes to winning contestants. In fact, a contestant named Matt just won a trip to Italy.

“I’ll tell you, the folks at Collette do a great job. We’ve taken some wonderful trips with them over the years. And Matt won a trip to Italy, and you’ve been there a number of times,” Pat Sajak said to Vanna White.

“It’s one of my favorite countries. Yes,” Vanna responded.

The two proceeded to go back and forth about what Vanna does while on vacation in Italy. Eating, drinking, the whole nine yards. But the “Wheel of Fortune” Instagram account directed the questions toward the audience. “What would you do if you were on vacation in Italy?” the caption reads.

‘Wheel of Fortune’ Fans Weigh In on Italian Vacation Activities

The “Wheel of Fortune” fans wasted no time sharing what they’d do if they had the good fortune of winning an Italian vacation.

“Eat, enjoy meeting new people and get in as much sight seeing as I can,” one wrote.

“Visit museums, eat, go to art galleries , eat, go sightseeing and did I say EAT lots of wonderful food !!!!!!” another added.

“Check to see what channel Wheel is on in my hotel room Oh! And check out all the sights and eat lots of good food!” another joked.

It’s crazy to think realistically about taking trips abroad these days. But that’s the reality we’re returning to slowly. As the world gets back to some sense of normalcy, trips won on “Wheel of Fortune” take on a whole new meaning.

Another Contestant Recently Won a Trip to Greece

And “Wheel of Fortune” has been doling out the European trips like crazy as of late. On Monday night, a contestant named Caleb won himself a trip to Greece. Not to mention a bunch of cash to top the whole experience off.

Just a few months ago, winning a trip like this would be a much emptier experience. When would you even be able to go? How different will the experience be in this day and age? Now, however, there’s at least a little bit of light at the end of the tunnel.

Do you have any trips planned for the near future?