‘Wheel of Fortune’: Pat Sajak and Vanna White Received Tons of Gifts After April Fools’ Prank About Relationship

by Will Shepard

Pat Sajak and Vanna White have been working together for what seems like one hundred years. The two Wheel of Fortune hosts are arguably the best pairing on television. This is has been the case for many years now.

A while ago, the two decided to pull an April Fool’s Day prank on their fans. Wheel of Fortune fans have assumed for many years that they have had romantic dealings in the past. But, the two have always assured people that their relationship is strictly a friendship. That being said, though, they have given many interviews in which they say that they consider each other to be family, like brother and sister.

In an interview with Television Academy Foundation from 2011, the two Wheel of Fortune hosts explained the prank. Although Sajak and White don’t share how they gave the news, it fooled a lot of people regardless.

The Two “Wheel of Fortune” Hosts Pulled the Perfect April Fool’s Day Prank on Their Fans

“I remember, years and years ago, we did an April Fool’s joke,” White Explained. “I don’t know that we said that we were married, but we said something about being together.”

Pat Sajak then chimed in, “Yeah.” In a back and forth dialogue, Sajak and White explained the colossal amount of gifts that the two got. “We received toasters,” White said. Sajak then added, “People were sending us … it took a couple of years to convince us that we didn’t need any more crockpots for our life. People take that seriously.”

Sajak then talked about how he is unsure about how the two of them would have done as a couple. The joke was such a success because the two’s on-screen chemistry is unparalleled. Their ability to play off one another on Wheel of Fortune is unlike any other game show. Consequently, when they played the joke, many people believed it, and they got a ton of gifts for it.

Familial Relationship Between Pat Sajak and Vanna White

The two Wheel of Fortune hosts have been working together for 38 years. Without Sajak and White at the helm, the game show would be very different. It is hard to even imagine what that would be like.

Their chemistry is off the charts, and it makes the show magical. Anytime the two hosts step on stage together, the audience snaps to attention, completely captivated by the quality of show the two make. It sets the game show apart from any other show on TV.

In an interview in 2018, White talked about her relationship with Sajak. She explained why the producers originally thought they would make a great pairing on Wheel of Fortune.

During the interview, the show’s creator, Merv Griffin, thought that they looked so similar, people would believe the two were siblings.

“He also said he liked the way Pat and I looked together. We looked like a brother-and-sister team,” White said. Undoubtedly, he was correct. Not only is their on-screen chemistry excellent, but they are just as good of friends off-camera as well. The dynamic duo has shattered game show records and is still going strong.