‘Wheel of Fortune’: Pat Sajak and Vanna White’s ‘Wonderful Relationship’ on Display in Hilarious Clip

by Amy Myers

There’s simply no duo more dynamic on television than Pat Sajak and Vanna White. Together, they make up the friendly faces on Wheel of Fortune that encourage competitors and add a bit of humor to the game. With Sajak’s quick wit and White’s sweet demeanor, fans can’t get enough of their banter at the end of the show. And though they might make a joke or two at the other’s expense, it’s always out of platonic love.

Recently, the show shared a moment that captures the pure essence of the comedic and well-natured friendship on air. During a past episode of Wheel of Fortune, the famous letter-turner fumbled to find the spot where the letter appeared on the board.

When White passed the blue spot, Sajak hilariously directed her back to the right spot. Of course, his partner-in-crime didn’t take the quip to heart. Instead, she laughed along and thanked Sajak for his help.

Watch their “wonderful relationship” at its best in the clip below.

‘Wheel of Fortune’ Host Jokes that White’s ‘Brakes Work Really Well’

Usually, Vanna White is on top of her game. She knows every answer to the puzzle and knows exactly where each letter will pop up even before the light flashes and music dings. But like us all, sometimes, she makes mistakes. In this episode, a Wheel of Fortune contestant called out the letter “D” which flashed right near where White stood. However, as she later explained to Sajak, she misheard the competitor and walked towards where a different letter would have been.

Then when the contestant called for an “A,” the board took a moment to show where it would be. Sajak coyly commented, “Can you find that?”

“Boy, I’m just feisty today,” the Wheel of Fortune host added.

Once the show ended and the duo stood in front of the prize car, Sajak shared that he’d apparently never seen his partner “search for a letter like that.”

Even with her small mistake, that’s an impressive record. White has been a part of the show since 1982 and apparently has never before missed a beat. The Wheel of Fortune letter-turner agreed that usually, she wouldn’t miss the letter, but with Sajak’s help she got right back on track.

“But you said, ‘No, it’s behind you, Vanna. Back up,” White explained. “And that’s fine. Thank you for helping me.”

Sajak laughed along, clearly hoping that his good friend didn’t take any offense from his correction. With how long that Sajak and White have worked together on Wheel of Fortune, though, that wasn’t likely.

“And your brakes work really well. That’s the important thing,” Sajak told White. “We help each other out. It’s a wonderful relationship.”

White fervently agreed.