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‘Wheel of Fortune’: Pat Sajak Channels ‘Wizard of Oz’ in Hilarious New Video About Home Giveaway

by Will Shepard
(Photo by Gerardo Mora/Getty Images)

Wheel of Fortune always seems to know exactly how to keep its fanbase engaged. This time Pat Sajak went far and above his nightly hosting duties to make a classic video.

The iconic host of Wheel of Fortune did his best Wizard of Oz impression to announce a giveaway. Standing in the middle of the frame, he starts tapping his heels together just as Dorothy did. But, there was one glaring difference.

His heel clicks, combined with “There’s no place like home,” weren’t as effective as Dorothy’s. So, Vanna White came into the picture to ask him what he was doing. In the caption of the video, the game show clarifies further what is going on.

“There’s no giveaway like Home Sweet Home, premiering TONIGHT!” Wheel of Fortune continued, “All this week, watch Wheel for your chance to win a new home in a Latitude Margaritaville community by Minto! Enter at the link in our bio.”

Pat Sajak Seems to Always Have Time to Have Fun on “Wheel of Fortune”

Pat Sajak seems to enjoy his job as much as anyone, which makes sense. He has been on Wheel of Fortune for 38 years and would not be doing it if he didn’t like hosting.

So, in a 2011 interview, Sajak sat down with his co-host, Vanna White, to talk about a prank the two pulled years ago. He and White don’t share exactly how they broke the news to viewers, but it was excellent nonetheless.

“I remember, years and years ago, we did an April Fool’s joke,” White explained to the interviewer. “I don’t know that we said that we were married, but we said something about being together.”

“Yeah,” Sajak said. Then, in a back and forth between him and White, they explain how their prank caused people to give them a ton of gifts.

“We received toasters,” White quipped. Sajak took over there, saying, “People were sending us … it took a couple of years to convince us that we didn’t need any more crockpots for our life. People take that seriously.”

Even though Sajak’s Wheel of Fortune tribute to Wizard of Oz was great, this prank may have been better. It’s safe to say that the two host’s prank fooled a lot of people.