‘Wheel of Fortune’: Pat Sajak’s Daughter Gives ‘First Ever’ Look Inside His Dressing Room

by Keeli Parkey

For the first time, “Wheel of Fortune” gave fans a look inside the inner sanctum of host Pat Sajak’s behind-the-scenes world. And, who better to host this tour than Sajak’s daughter, Maggie?

On Thursday, Sept. 2, the famous game show shared a tour of Pat’s dressing room on its Twitter account. The tour begins with Maggie Sajak walking to her father’s dressing room and knocking on the door.

“Today, I’m going to try to give us an insider’s look into the host’s dressing room,” Maggie says. “He doesn’t usually let cameras inside, but hopefully he’ll make an exception for me.”

Interactions between Pat and Maggie Sajak that revolve around “Wheel of Fortune” are usually humorous. And, this one is no exception.

After she knocks on his dressing room door, Pat can be heard yelling from inside. He appears to be irritated, but that mostly comes across as him playing a joke on his daughter. And, he even expresses “irritation” at his daughter over the candy he has been given.

“Hey, leave me alone!” Sajak also exclaims. “You know I don’t like to be bothered before a show. And, what about these M&M’s? I got brown. I got green. Where are my red M&M’s?”

Maggie then knocks on the “Wheel of Fortune'” host’s door yet again. And, she reminds him that it is his daughter who is wanting to come in.

Pat Sajak Describes His ‘Wheel of Fortune’ Dressing Room as ‘Boring’

As the funny skit continues, Sajak welcomes his daughter into his dressing room. Well, dressing room is an oversimplification of the space. It’s more like a living room and homey space that also serves as a place for him to prepare for the filming of “Wheel of Fortune.”

After Maggie enters the dressing room, Pat tells her that he usually doesn’t allow people to see inside his dressing room. The reason for that, he says, is that it is “boring.”

Watching the tour, it becomes clear that his dressing room is not boring. As Maggie points out, the space has a sports theme. This shouldn’t be all that surprising. One thing fans of “Wheel of Fortune” know about the long-time host is that he loves sports. He particularly enjoys hockey and baseball. And, inside his dressing room is a framed Los Angeles Dodgers uniform with his name on the back hanging on a wall in the dressing room.

Sajak also shows his daughter the photos he has on display in his dressing room. Unsurprisingly, those photos include her and her brother. He also offers her a taste of some of the food that is made available to him.

In his closet, the “Wheel of Fortune” host showed off a suit ready for him to wear on set. Maggie also noticed a very large safe in the closet. And, unsurprisingly, she wanted to know why it was there.

“Well, we have a producer/stage manager – he does everything on the show,” Pat says. “His name is Randy Berke. … So, one day when they were remodeling the room and I said, ‘Can you give me a little drawer with a lock on it …?”

Berke agreed. And next thing he knows, Pat has a large safe in his dressing room.