‘Wheel of Fortune’: Pat Sajak’s Daughter Stuns in Fancy Red Dress Pics, Reveals Celebrity Crush

by Thad Mitchell

Maggie Sajak, daughter of longtime “Wheel of Fortune” host Pat Sajak, looks ready to hit the town in her latest social media post.

Draped in a stunning red dress, Maggie Sajak is a real stunner in the three photos she put on Instagram. Sajak, who also works on “Wheel of Fortune” with her famous father, is often active on social media. The 26-year-old blonde bombshell is certainly no stranger to the show having grown up around the set. She only became officially employed by “Wheel of Fortune” a short time ago. It is most fitting that she heads of the popular game show’s social media efforts as she is a pro in the world of Instagram and Twitter. On Saturday, she uses her own personal social media page to show off her new look. She also reveals who her celebrity crush is in the post.

“In 2008, I thought that if wore high heels, a red dress and stood all by myself, Nick Jonas would magically appear and fall in love with me,” she says in the Saturday Instagram post.

Maggie Sajak is far from the only female to have that dream and the Jonas Brothers are still quite popular with the ladies. Several friends and social media followers of the “Wheel of Fortune” workers replied to the post, saying they like the look.

“You look beautiful just like always,” a fan chimes in.

Maggie Sajak on ‘Wheel of Fortune’

Maggie’s father, Pat Sajak, along with Vanna White, has been the face of “Wheel of Fortune” for nearly four decades. Several “Wheel of Fortune” followers have noted how they’ve enjoyed watching her grow up on the show. She doesn’t make frequent appearances on the show but she makes brief cameos in various episodes. Her first came when she was just 1-years-old when she wandered onto the set to find her father. She now finds herself happy with doing the behind-the-scenes work that makes the game show one of the most watched currently on television.

One of Maggie Sajak’s most memorable “Wheel of Fortune” moments came when she took over Vanna White’s letter-revealing responsibilities. She filled in for Vanna, who was filling for Pat, who was recovering from a recent surgery.

These moments made the Sajak family proud as Maggie proves to be more than capable in her on-air screen time.

While she enjoys working with “Wheel of Fortune” and her father, Maggie’s ambition goes far beyond the games. She is Ivy League educated, graduating from Princeton University just a few years ago. She then through a post-graduate program at Columbia University. Maggie is currently enrolled in law school and hopes to graduate in the near future.

While she pursues her interest and education, she knows she’ll have a home on the set of “Wheel of Fortune.”