‘Wheel of Fortune’ Provides New Photo Collection of Vanna White’s Dresses from Past Week

by Quentin Blount

The official Wheel of Fortune Instagram page is coming through in the clutch once again. For those who weren’t able to see all of Vanna White’s dresses from this week, Wheel of Fortune has posted them all in one place.

It’s become one of our favorite posts that we look forward to each week. What’s better than seeing Vanna White, in all of her glamour, strutting her stuff in five beautiful gowns from the previous week? That’s right, there isn’t anything better.

It’s hard to believe that Vanna White has graced the puzzle board on the popular game show for more than 38 seasons. There are more than likely some Wheel of Fortune fans reading this who watched White turn her first “T.” The blonde beauty has been lighting up letters on stage alongside the show’s host, Pat Sajak, since 1982.

And ever since she got the job, the television star has worn over 7,000 dresses! Vanna White rocks five new dresses each week and she always looks fabulous doing so. Her fashion has become one of the staples of what makes Wheel of Fortune so fun to watch. To have a look at the five dresses she sported this week, view the official Wheel of Fortune Instagram post from Saturday afternoon.

“Did you see all of the beautiful looks @officialvannawhite wore this week?” Wheel of Fortune posted alongside the photos. “Tell us your favorite!”

It should come as no surprise that fans of the show always look forward to seeing the recap of Vanna White’s dresses. One fan, in particular, had a hard time making up their mind on which one was their favorite. So, their vote? “All five.”

Other fans knew which ones they liked the best and cast their vote.

“The purple with lace was stunning,” one fan commented. “The animal print,” another follower wrote.

How Does Vanna White Pick Out Her Dresses for ‘Wheel of Fortune?’

At 64-years-old, Vanna White is one of the most well-known actresses and co-hosts in all of television game show history. And after working on the set for so long, she has a specific routine of how things are done. And that includes how she gets the amazing dresses that she wears on stage.

The Wheel of Fortune co-hostess told Fox News back in 2016 that she picks out her dress for each episode with a little bit of help. She, along with costumer Kathi Nishimoto, receive 50 to 60 dresses every few weeks. Then, together, they pick out their favorites and those are the dresses that White wears during the episodes.

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