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‘Wheel of Fortune’ Posts Hilarious ‘Dance’ Video of College Contestants

by John Jamison
(Photo by Paul Warner/WireImage)

“Wheel of Fortune” is creating a whole new category of college rivalry. Contestants from USC, CSUF, and Cornell competed against each other in a recent episode. Before the game began, Pat Sajak asked the college students to perform a dance move he saw them working on.

“Well we thought we’d have fun with college students tonight and they look like a pretty fun group if you ask- wait put those things down for a moment -I was looking out here earlier and they were running you through your paces and they made you do some move. Do the move,” Pat Sajak commanded of the students.

“Wheel of Fortune” posted a snippet of their dance move to Instagram.

The caption reads, “Get ready to dance! 💃 🕺 Wheel of Fortune starts now!”

In the clip, the students perform a move that can only be described as an arm wave. They start on the left and pass the wave off to each other down the line. It earns a laugh from the crowd and some mild praise from Sajak.

“Very good, very good. Congratulations. Alright, now you can pick those devices back up, now that you’ve performed for us,” the longtime “Wheel of Fortune” host said.

Big Wins on ‘Wheel of Fortune’ Recently

Jack, the student from USC who started the arm wave, took home nearly $50,000 plus an all-new electric Mini Cooper. Everyone knows the stereotype of a broke college student, and if Jack ever fit that mold, he doesn’t anymore.

Jack’s big win calls back the memory of Scott Kolbrenner, a winning “Wheel of Fortune” contestant from March. The Encino, California man won $145,000 and donated every dollar of the money to Uplift Family Services at Hollygrove and the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank.

“While I hoped I would do OK on the show, I never thought that anything like this could happen. I got lucky that day and knew right away that I wanted to share my good fortune,” Scott Kolbrenner said. “So, I decided to contribute all of my winnings to Uplift Family Services and Los Angeles Regional Food Bank, whose services support thousands of families. The fun and memories from the day will stay with me forever, but the urgent need in our community cannot wait.”