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‘Wheel of Fortune’ Racks in the Cash With Stream of Successful ‘Mystery Wedge’ Plays

by Matthew Wilson
Photo credit: Eric McCandless/Walt Disney Television via Getty Images

Viewers watching “Wheel of Fortune” at home can win big. The Mystery Wedge awards a select few lucky viewers of the game show.

With the Mystery Wedge, viewers can win alongside contestants on the show. During the “Wheel of Fortune” mystery round, two wedges on the wheel hid either a bankrupt or $10,000. A contestant that calls a correct consonant gets a chance at $10,000. They can either take $1,000 per letter in the puzzle or risk it for big bucks with a 50/50 shot of $10,000 or bankruptcy.

If the contestant wins, then a random Wheel Watchers Club member also wins. Viewers can sign up on the show’s website for a chance at winning cash. During a recent episode, contestant Luke and an at-home winner won the $10,000.

‘Wheel of Fortune’ Contestant Donates Money

Sometimes, the contestants are playing more than just for themselves. Earlier this month, contestant Scott Kolbrenner donated all of his winnings to charity. The Uplift Family Services in Hollygrove and the L.A. Regional Food Bank received a sizable donation from the contestant. In total, he won $145,000 on the show, including $100,000 in bonus play.

“Hollygrove is a wonderful place,” Kolbrenner said, according to Yahoo! Entertainment. “It’s dedicated to helping kids excel and grow. And their families as well — mental health and other services for them.”

Kolbrenner chose a charity that’s close to his heart. The California native serves on the board of directors for the Uplift Family Services, which is an outreach service in Los Angeles. He ended up winning big after successfully guessing the answer “Flowing White Gown” during the “Wheel of Fortune” bonus round.

Many would be happy with that amount, but the fact that the contestant chose to donate his winnings to charity makes the win that much more rewarding.

But Not Everyone Wins

But like any game show, “Wheel of Fortune” has its fair share of losers as well. While many viewers and contestants love the Mystery Round, most absolutely hate the dreaded crossword puzzle. The show came up with that particular format in 2016, and it’s plagued contestants ever since.

One contestant, David Pederson, recently lost big when he failed the crossword puzzle. The contestant technically lost the round on a technicality. Contestants cannot say the word “and” when answering the puzzle or they get it wrong. So, Pederson answered “Soul, Flounder, Cod and Catfish” when the correct answer was “Soul, Flounder, Cod, Catfish.”

It’s a rule that many viewers see as unfair. And unlike the Mystery Wedge round, you won’t see many supporters.