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‘Wheel of Fortune’ Gets Ready for Halloween With ‘Candyman’ Board from Aptly-Named Film

by Chris Haney
(Photo by Gerardo Mora/Getty Images)

Things got spooky on Wheel of Fortune tonight as the show geared up for Halloween with a puzzle taken from a newly released horror film.

In late August, a new movie in the Candyman horror film series released in theaters. The original slasher film came out in 1992, which followed a murderous soul with a hook for a hand. A skeptical graduate student accidentally summons the mythical killer to reality by saying his name five times.

The new movie has a similar plotline that follows a supernatural, hook-handed killer called Candyman. Once again, someone accidentally summons the Candyman who goes on another murder spree.

With Halloween coming up this weekend, Wheel of Fortune is already joining in on the festivities. They had some fun with one of the game show’s puzzles within the “MOVIE QUOTES” category. The puzzle was comprised of four eight-letter words. Since a contestant was able to whittle it down to two letters on each word, the answer was obvious – CANDYMAN, CANDYMAN, CANDYMAN, CANDYMAN.

“Yes, you got it,” longtime host Pat Sajak said as his co-host Vanna White clapped for the contestant’s correct answer.

“That, by the way, for those who don’t know is from a film called… Candyman,” Sajak joked. “And by the way, if you say, and I said it the fifth time, which means he appears. Isn’t that the way it works?”

“Absolutely. We should be terrified,” the contestant said.

“He may be under the wheel,” Sajak hilariously responded.

‘Wheel of Fortune’ Contestant Stuns Pat Sajak After Solving Tough Final Puzzle

Host Pat Sajak loves to joke around with his Wheel of Fortune competitors. It’s one of the many reasons he’s such a staple of American game show television and has been for four decades. He likes to keep things light as you can see with his Candyman commentary. But he also puts his foot in his mouth on occasion and doesn’t mind making fun of himself while he’s at it.

That happened just last week when a contestant beat the odds and solved a tough Bonus Round puzzle. Contestant Ruth went into the final round going against her toughest challenge yet.

Ruth faced a three-word puzzle in the “EVENT” category, but only had five out of the 19 letters revealed to begin. She chose “C, M, D, and O” as her three consonants and a vowel. As Vanna White turned over the tiles, she only added two more letters to the board.

The Wheel of Fortune host said to Ruth, “This looks tough to me.” However, with 10 seconds on the clock, Ruth knocked it out of the park immediately. As soon as the timer began, she answered “MAKING A BREAKTHROUGH.” Sajak was shocked and felt bad he ever doubted her.

“It’s a hard puzzle. Talk it out. Maybe you can get it. Blah blah blah blah,” Sajak amusingly said to Ruth mocking himself for doubting her.

“Make me look like a liar,” Sajak joked with the contestant. “As I said, ‘It’s an easy one. She’ll get it with no problem.’ Congratulations, Ruth! Nice job.”