‘Wheel of Fortune’ Recaps Vanna White’s Stunning Dresses from Last Week

by Quentin Blount
Photo via Getty Images

There is no doubt that Wheel of Fortune hostess and letter turner, Vanna White, has one of the best wardrobes in all of show business.

For more than 45 years, Wheel of Fortune has become a staple in households across the United States. And one name that has become synonymous with the show is co-host Vanna White. She has been lighting up the letters on stage next to Pat Sajak since 1982. And she is always looking her best in a stunning dress.

That could not have been more apparent over this past week. In fact, Wheel of Fortune took to their official Instagram account to post photos of the latest five dresses that White wore on the show. They are asking fans to chime in on which one was their favorite.

“[Vanna White] was ready to go to paradise in these tropical, bright looks! Which dress is your favorite?”

As you can see in the images, Vanna White is as gorgeous as ever. It seems as though she may have a case of Spring fever, though. Out of her five dresses from this past week, three of them had a flower pattern design.

Does Vanna White Get to Keep Her Dresses from ‘Wheel of Fortune’?

After filming more than 7,000 episodes during her time on Wheel of Fortune, we all would like to imagine that Vanna White has a massive closet filled with all of the dresses she has worn on the show. After all, she never wears the same dress twice. That means that White has worn over 7,000 different dresses during her tenure on the show.

But unfortunately, she does not get to keep her dresses as a perk of the job. She told Fox News back in 2016 that the dresses “have to go back to the designer” when she’s done. But she added that she “certainly enjoys wearing them.”

You may be wondering how exactly the Wheel of Fortune letter girl picks out her dresses. Well, she does it with some help from her costumer, Kathi Nishimoto. According to White, she has a fitting for new dresses every few weeks. The show is sent 50 to 60 dresses from various designers that she and Nishimoto go through. From there, they pick out their favorites and those are the ones that White ends up wearing on the show.

“The biggest challenge was to just get her to [be vocal about dresses she doesn’t like],” stylist Nishimoto told People Magazine. “Because she is so nice, she doesn’t want to say no to anybody.”