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‘Wheel of Fortune’ Set Featured in Hilarious Music Video by Dr. Phil’s Son Jordan McGraw

by Emily Morgan
(Photo by Jim Spellman/Getty Images)

While you might think “Dr. Phil” would be Jordan McGraw’s favorite show, considering he’s the son of the longtime host, it’s actually the popular game show “Wheel of Fortune.”

In fact, Jordan McGraw loves the legendary game show so much that he used the show’s set for one of his newest music videos. The 34-year-old recently released the music video for “She,” and the set may look familiar to die-hard “Wheel” fans.

During the video, he and his wife, Morgan Stewart, got to play Pat Sajak and Vanna White. “It’s crazy, right? They don’t let anybody do that,” McGraw said of shooting at the iconic set. “We had no delusions that it was actually going to work.”

The singer-songwriter has always been a “Wheel of Fortune” fan and remembered coming home from school and watching two shows: “The Simpson’s” and “Wheel of Fortune.”

When he got the green light to shoot on the set, he was shocked and shot the video as soon as possible “just in case they changed their mind.” He added: “When they uncovered the wheel! I was just a fan for the first two hours,’ McGraw reminisced. “It’s way smaller than you think but also way heavier than you think.”

As for the inspiration for the music video, Jordan McGraw said he tries not to be so conventional and seeks new ideas outside the box. “[It was about] what I grew up on and what makes me me and trying to be as authentic to myself as possible,” he said.

Jordan McGraw & His Wife Trade Places With Show’s Hosts

The video used the lyrics of the song as the puzzles. McGraw also took on the roles of Pat Sajak and three contestants— each with their own unique look.

The characters included Clarence, a nerdy type with a bowl cut, Sid, who dresses only in Hot Topic with dyed hair and a lip ring, and H.B., a country boy who rocks a bolo tie, mustache, and cowboy hat.

Throughout the video, you see that all three of the contestants had their eyes on Morgan Stewart. Stewart, who took on the role of Vanna White, shined in a mint green sequin mini dress as she turned the letters on the game board.

“It was really iconic to be there,’ Stewart said. “Vanna White has a way tougher job than people think. Those letters … it’s not like a subtle touch, and “oh, there’s a letter”. You have to really press.”

She added, “We had to do my takes a couple of times.” This summer, McGraw has already released two tracks, including “Her” and “She.” He also has a third track set to be released in the coming weeks titled “Search Party.”

McGraw also said quarantine allowed him to approach his music in a new way and wants to release songs more often.