‘Wheel of Fortune’ Shares Funny Moment Between Pat Sajak and Daughter Maggie

by Amy Myers

Ever since Maggie Sajak joined her father on Wheel of Fortune‘s team, their social media channels have been just as entertaining as the show. In today’s edition of the Pat and Maggie show, the renowned host’s daughter gave viewers another reminder of the Christmas in July giveaway. By checking their SPIN ID’s participants can see if they won prizes or cash from the game show. The “Secret Santa Giveaway” will conclude this Friday, July 23.

On the show’s official Instagram page, Maggie Sajak stands in a fuzzy white sweater that looks like she plucked it from the arms of a snowman. She complemented the top with a pair of pastel green shorts that, despite the wintry top, screamed summertime. She stood on a deck overlooking a woodsy backyard as “snow” began to fall over her.

The Sajaks Give ‘Wheel’ Watchers Another Christmas in July Update

“This is so exciting,” the Wheel of Fortune online media correspondent told followers. “It’s Christmas in July—your chance to win what our players win.”

She continued to inform Wheel Watchers of how to check if they’ve won while the mysterious white flakes only fell just above her head in blizzard-like batches.

As Maggie finished her monologue, she told someone off-camera, “Okay that’s enough,” while shedding her sweater. Underneath she had a much cooler shirt that was more appropriate for the July heat.

Lo and behold, as the camera panned back, dad and Wheel of Fortune host Pat Sajak was standing on top of a ladder throwing artificial snow at his daughter. Maggie fanned herself to cool off from wearing the thick garment.

A little cheesy? Sure. But we haven’t seen a good father-daughter on-screen duo since Billy Ray and Miley Cyrus, and we’re happy to see the Sajaks having fun together on Wheel of Fortune.

‘Wheel of Fortune’s Maggie Sajak Goes Fishing

Even when her father doesn’t appear in the social media videos, the Wheel of Fortune host’s daughter keeps us entertained with her summer holiday-themed activities. Besides the recent snowstorm, Maggie Sajak grabbed her rod and reel and headed to the banks of a lake to see what she could catch.

Dressed in a patriotic outfit of a red tank top and cropped, blue overalls, Sajak casted her line into the water as she once again promoted the show’s generous giveaway. When she finally reeled in her line, she revealed her rare catch—a candy cane fish.

“That’s good eats,” the Wheel of Fortune star joked.

And though we hope she didn’t actually place the oversized candy cane in the water, we appreciate Sajak’s dedication to always updating and informing Wheel Watchers in new and exciting ways.