‘Wheel of Fortune’ Shouts Out Contestant for ‘Impressive Game’ after Dominating the Competition

by Keeli Parkey

There are winners on “Wheel of Fortune” – and then there are the winners who truly leave their mark on the popular game show.

One contestant who made a very memorable appearance on the show was a woman named Julia. And, she did more than just win the game. She dominated the competition during the whole episode. Hats off to Julia!

In fact, the contestant was such a force on “Wheel of Fortune” that the show created a tweet just to praise her. “Julia played one impressive game!” the show shared via its Twitter account on Wednesday (April 21).

In addition to that message, the show shared clips from that “impressive game.” First, the tweeted video compilation shows Julia winning one round with the solution “Trendsetter.” Next, she buzzed in faster than her opponents to solve the puzzle “Slice of Avocado.”

Julia kept control of the game by solving another puzzle. The solution to this puzzle was “Restaurants in Santa Barbara.” After she solved this puzzle, longtime host Pat Sajak’s remarks included the word “wow.”

The next puzzle she solved was “The Views are Sensational.” “Drinking Coffee” was the solution to the next puzzle Julia solved.

Next came the solution “Talking Over Coffee” as her opponents began to realize they didn’t have much hope for success against the young woman. Another coffee-themed puzzle then followed. Its solution was “Guzzling Coffee.”

“We’ve done everything to coffee you can do,” Sajak said after Julia solved that puzzle.

The next puzzle Julia solved was a pretty impressive example of “Wheel of Fortune” gameplay. Presented with a board that showed only a few letters, the contestant still managed to solve the puzzle. The solution was “Documentary Film.”

When she solved this puzzle, Julia was working with a board that showed this “****M*NTARY ***M.”

Pat Sajak Says Contestant Julia ‘Dominates’ on ‘Wheel of Fortune’

Obviously, Julia’s success on “Wheel of Fortune” was noticed by its host.

“Well, some nights it just goes that way,” Pat Sajak said during the episode. “Someone comes in here and just dominates and Julia did.”

The young woman won $24,960 while competing against the two other contestants.

“Congrats,” Sajak also said.

You can watch the video of clips from Julia’s very, very successful appearance on “Wheel of Fortune” below. If you have ever wanted to be a contestant on the show, this is a master class in how to win. Enjoy!

And, while Julia’s performance on “Wheel of Fortune” was truly impressive, another recent contestant also turned in a memorable appearance on the decades-old game show.

That contestant was a woman named Lei. And, what makes her appearance on the show so impressive is how she solved the puzzle in the show’s famous final round. After seeing the board when it showed what letters were available after R, S, T, L, N, and E had been posted. Lei asked for the letters P, C, D, and O.

Her request was so on the nose and it make the puzzle so easy to solve that Sajak commented, “I’m feeling good about this.”

He wasn’t wrong in feeling that way. Lei solved the puzzle and added $38,000 to her winnings for a grand total of $71,740.

You can watch Lei solve her final puzzle below.